Thursday, April 8, 2010

WAYSUHEP President calls on members to be responsible

The Executive members of Warr Youths and Students Union for Health and Environmental Protection (WAYSUHEP) were installed recently. The installation that witness a cross section of the WARR family and elite resident in Nkambe central. It started at about 3 p.m. at their usual meeting house ‘Warr Abi Nkambe General meeting house’.

Installing the New Executive body on behalf of the Warr community, the out-going President Mr. Ndi Actor Yinkfu called on the new 14-man executive members to lead with the fear of God. He exhorted them to be honest, transparent and accountable. He called on the new bureau to follow the foot steps, of their predecessors and contact their seniors and elders in times of trouble for advice.

The out-gone President of Warr General meeting Nkambe, Mr. Nforqwei John, thanked the Youths and Students Executive for their stewardship and harmony living together in Nkambe. He advised them to always come to the general meeting in order to get more wisdom on how to govern. He equally thanked them for their contribution for the smooth running of the meeting, and prayed they continue with the efforts.

Meanwhile the President elect, Mr. Abanda Marcel Bungong, in his speech thanked God for the peace in Cameroon and in Nkambe particularly and among the Warr family leaving in Nkambe. He appreciated the families who took time off to be part of the installation. Mr. Abanda Marcel further called on all the parents, resident in Nkambe to send their children to the Union. He also challenged all Warr Youths and Students in Nkambe to become part of the Union.
Close to 75 members of the Warr Youths and Student Union for Health and Environmental Protection (WAYSUHEP) called on them to be punctual in all Sunday meetings and register promptly.

Talking about achievement since their election on December 6, 2009, the President boasted of their new uniform presented to the Warr family that Sunday, their draft constitution and internal rules and regulations. He also boasted of the effective functioning of created clubs in the union, that included Health Club, Environmental Club, Debate, Drama, Human Rights, Socialcultural and Religious Clubs. He added that for the past years the union has never recorded any serious financial scandal. They have successfully conducted fair and transparent elections among others.

Projects envisaged included a toilet at the meeting house as priority, Standing Water tap and Electricity in the hall, exchange visits on Environmental talks and Health hazards to some Students and Youth Unions in Nkambe and most importantly green their meeting Resident with Environmental friendly tress, flowers etc. as part of their contribution to fight against climate change. He continued that these dreams and projects can be achieved successfully with the support of the parents, calling on the massive support of the elite for the union to move smoothly.

The President also recounted some difficulties encountered. Among them were discouraging membership as per the target and financial difficulties. Concluding he called on the members to be self-disciplined and responsible.

Senior citizens and elite of the village like Pa Nforqwei Enock Tata prayed for God’s protection, directives and guidance for them to be the torchlight of other unions. The WAYSUHEP also presented their new uniform to be launched on a date to be announced. The installation ended in drama performance feasting and satisfaction, as parents congratulated the new Exco and their focus.

By Abanda Marcel

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