Sunday, May 2, 2010 FCFA missing

Louis Paul Motaze, photographer: unknown

More than FCFA 3 billion allocated. Anglophone Regions sidelined in construction of Millennium Villages. The government of Cameroon has signed a joint convention with two development partners; the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the Japanese Embassy in Yaounde.

Signed on behalf of the Cameroon government by the Minister of the Economy, Planning and Regional Development, Louis Paul Motaze, the resident representative of PNUD Lisa Simirique Singh and on the part of the Japanese government by the Japanese Ambassador to Cameroon, Keiji Yamamoto, the accord states that the Japanese government and PNUD will offer Cameroon a non refundable sum of CFA 3 985 777 500 Frs for the development of the aforementioned localities in Cameroon which has been baptised "millennium villages".

The first phase of the project that starts this April has duration of 5years and according terms of the agreement, UNDP will contribute CFA 322.500.000 Frs, the Japanese government CFA 3.663.277.500Frs while the Cameroon government will put in CFA 860.000.000 Frs for the development of some 78 villages in the two pilot localities. As usual, none of the villages of the two Anglophone provinces has been earmarked.

Speaking at the ceremony to sign the partnership accord in Yaounde last Wednesday March 31st, 2010, the Minister of the Economy Planning and Regional Development, Louis Paul Motaze who signed on behalf of the Cameroon government said the accord confirms the determination by the Japanese government and PNUD in assisting developing countries attain the Millennium Development Goals.

To the Japanese Ambassador to Cameroon, the money will be used to improve on the agro-forestry techniques of the concerned localities as well as facilitate the access to primary medical treatment. "In the same way, the project is going to render educational institutions very attractive through the amelioration of services like the creation of canteens, latrines etc" say the Japanese diplomat.

Like the Japanese Ambassador to Cameroon, the resident representative of the United Nations Development Program, Lisa Simrique Singh says the program targets the local communities in order to let them understand that they are their own development agents as they posses the potentials.

She however said Cameroon is not the first country where such a program is being carried out. "Cameroon is the 10th country after Ethopia, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Mali, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Tanzania and Uganda who have already benefited from the millennium villages project", Lisa Semirique revealed.

It should be noted that the March 31st 2010, convention comes barely ten days after two other conventions were signed between the Japanese Embassy in Yaounde and the Cameroon government to the tune of about CFA 7 billion Frs for the amelioration of the living conditions of Cameroonians especially those of the forest zones.

To MINEPAT boss, "This is clear indication that the Japanese government and PNUD are very ready and willing to accompany Cameroon in poverty reduction and attainment of the millennium development goals by the year 2015".

PIB executed only at 70%

In a related development, the Minister of the Economy, Planning and Regional Development Louis Paul Motaze says the he will not hesitate contacting the supreme state audit in case of any poor execution of the Public Investment Budget, PIB.

The Economy and Regional Development boss was speaking at the Yaounde Hilton last March 31 as he opened a capacity building seminar on the appropriation and follow up of the physico-financial execution of the Public Investment Budget in Cameroon.

Holding at a time when his ministerial department is intensifying the campaign on the 2035 strategic development document published by the ministry, Louis Paul Motaze said the document gives much priority to the public investment budget which as of now is only executed at seventy per cent.

To Motaze, the rate is very low and the projects already executed are not up to standards. The MINEPAT boss cited the Regional delegation of MINPROFF in the Northern Region where he visited recently.

Just two years after construction Motaze said, it is already facing depletion. He cautioned that if these acts are not avoided by the follow committee as hierarchy recommends, he is going to inform the supreme state audit for more drastic measures

By Munketi Michel

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