Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ahidjo's Wife Wants Husband Immortalized

Germaine Ahidjo, wife of late President Amadou Ahidjo, living in Senegal since the death of the husband in September 1989, has decried the neglect of the husbands legacy as Cameroon's first Head of State.

In an interview granted the French daily Tabloid Mutation in her Senegal Abode, Germain Ahidjo stated that her late husband had transcended family live into the public realm. She stated unequivocally that whether people like it or not, the husband works as Cameroon's first Head of State makes him a national patrimony that some Cameroonians are afraid to recognize.

Germaine Ahidjo stated unequivocally that her husband who implanted the first pillars of the institutions in Cameroon cannot be waved aside with the back of the hand for his works have entered the annals of Cameroon history.

She said she does not actually know what her husband did to President Paul Biya to merit the type of treatment being meted on him, which resulted to his death in exile. According to Germaine Ahidjo, the celebration of the Golden Jubilee of Cameroon and reunification cannot be complete without the recognition of her husband who was one of the architects of independence and reunification.

The embittered former first lady said she is still waiting for the opportunity to bring the corpse of the husband home for burial.

It should be recalled that Germaine Ahidjo was granting the interview just when Martin Belinga Eboutou, chairman of the organizing committee for the celebrations of independence and reunification was unveiling in Hilton Hotel Yaoundé the logo competitions for both celebrations.

During the occasion, Martin Belinga Eboutou said those who were being recognized and monuments erected for them are those who had contributed enormously to the history of Cameroon. He said the founding fathers of Cameroon have faith in the nation and sacrificed for its growth.

But Belinga Eboutou was very careful not to mention the name of late President Amadou Ahidjo. He ended at drawing allusions to those who would be immortalized because of their works towards independence, reunification and nation building.

It is worth noting that since President Biya decided that the Golden Jubilee of Cameroon would be celebrated in 2010 culminating into the celebration of reunification in 2011 there have been mixed interpretations. Some political pundits have said it is a ploy to silence the SCNC.

But others have said for President Biya to celebrate the golden Jubilee of Cameroon with the corpse of his predecessor still outside would be hypocrisy.

However, for all the monuments earmarked for erection to mark the Golden Jubilee none has been that of Ahidjo. Even the idea that the celebrations would take place in Omni sport Yaoundé fondly called Ahamadou Ahidjo stadium was shelved at the last minute.

By Teneng Lucas

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