Thursday, May 6, 2010

Embezzlement scandal rocks Ako WCPDM

Militants of the women's wing of the Cameroon People's Democratic movement (CPDM) party of the Donga Mantung III - Ako section are pointing fingers at their president madam Susan Giwe for embezzling money they contributed ahead of their Section Conference that held at the Ako Municipal grandstand last 23rd of March 2010.

Talking to this reporter in Ako, militants of the WCPDM expressed worries of having raised the sum of about 360,000 CFA for the Section Conference but just about a hundred and sixty thousand was spent.

“We were surprised that no dance group was given a thousand francs with all the money that was contributed,” a diehard militant of the WCPDM told this reporter in Ako.

While others were expressing disgruntlement to the nature in which dance groups were treated, some were of the opinion that militants from distant sections were supposed to be given transport for the conference that ended late and they could not trek to their various destinations.

“The president told us that we were going to eat and drink at Pa Ntoi's house but we were surprised that she was giving drinks to family members and friends who did not even contribute towards this day,” another militant lamented.

Asked to comment on the worries of her militants, Madam Susan Giwe only told The Vanguard that over 300,000 CFA was spent for the conference but was unable to justify how it was spent.

A reliable source had hinted The Vanguard's reporter to Ako that only the MP's support with that of Minister Fuh Calistus could run the conference irrespective of whatever the militants contributed. Though their contribution to the WCPDM conference was not disclosed, the source however said not up to a hundred thousand francs has been spent and the contribution of the MP and H.E. Fuh Calistus would cover all the expenditures of that day.

“This is not the first time she is doing so,” our source revealed. “She did the same during the first WCPDM section conference that she organized here,” the militant said.

Some of the militants we talked to have vowed that if Madam Susan Giwe does not call back the militants to explain explicitly how she spent the money contributed for the conference, they're going to do everything possible to unseat her from her present post as WCPDM section president for Donga-Mantung III - Ako section.

Meantime, although at daggers drawn with militants for mismanagement of funds, the WCPDM section president says militants of the women's wing of the CPDM in Ako are fully prepared to welcome the National Chair.

By Ndi Eugene Ndi

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