Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hon Njong Supports Bobong CS Project

Hon Njong Evaristus, MP for Boyo, was recently guest of honour in Bobong, a small village in Njinikom Sub Division where he supported their Catholic School project with the sum of FCFA 326,000 francs. On The occasion took place at the Bobong Unity Hall.

Following a challenge by the Archbishop of Bamenda, His Grace Cornelius Fontem Esua during a pastoral visit to Bobong on Saturday February 28, 2009 to train more Catholic children and into the sacred priesthood, the Bobong people have left no stone unturned to make their lone Catholic School a haven.

The Bobong people under the dynamic leadership of Mr Ncham George, and Agricultural Engineer, and Divisional Delegate for MINADER in Donga Mantung, supported strongly by the untiring Asuh Terence of the Bamenda regional Treasury, have mounted an energetic fund-raising campaign that is yielding enormous fruits. It is this fundraising and part of political campaigns that brought the MP to this village last weekend.

He was bearer of a message of hope for the Bobong people; hope for the completion of the ongoing project for the lone catholic school.

The Parish Priest of St Charles Borromeo Parish Fuanantui, the mother Parish of the Bobong Mission Station, Irish born Fr Rory O’Brien, has been wonderfully instrumental in the erection of a 42 million francs Church building in the place and now the primary school.

Acccording messages gleaned from the Net Fr O’Brien had promised the Bobong people, who are predominantly Roman Catholic, that if they raised the sum of 2.5 million francs he was going to do the rest.

So far Bobong elite in particular and Kom elite in general have been putting in their own support. These include the Myor of Njinikom Council, Mr Chiatoh David Ngong; Mr Sam Francis Chuo Proprietor of several schools and Kom Fon’s representative in Yaounde; Mr Ngong Christopher Diang – National Coordinator of the Fertilisers in the Ministry of Agriculture in Yaounde; Mrs Tilder Kumichi Ndichia alternate member of Parliament for Boyo (to Hon Njong); Swiss-based Dr Munteh Louis.

In a message of gratitude to donors, Mr George Ncham wrote in one of the several Kom Internet for a:
“When we launched this school project completion to each and everyone of us, we never knew this is how it will gain huge support and applause. You have made this community and her children realize their dreams in a very short space of time and work has to commence as promised by the priest if we had the amount he requested in the days ahead. You have just pushed us to attain this target. If it was left only to us alone, it would have taken another two years and the priest could have left. We are extremely grateful to all of you.”

So far the list of contributions stands as follows with a total contribution of 2,156,315F.CFA, which is 343,685 F.CFA short of the 2.5 million francs target. The President is grateful to all who have contributed so far and will be most grateful if this remaining 343, 685 can be completed.

Hon Njong Evaristus 314.000
Dr Louis Munteh of Germany 150.000
Bobe Pascal K'Kongson 120.000
Dr Chrsantus Akem of Australia 100.000
Maitre Andrew Fultang Akem 100.000
Bobe Sam Francis Chuo 80.000
Bobe Ngong Christopher 50.000
Nawayn Njuakom Hortencia- USA 50.000
Nawain Tilder Kumichi 20.000
Nawayn Hortensia Njuakom's daughters 30.000 (support for their mother).
Mr Nsom Canisius - Yaounde 20.000
Mrs Titang Pamela Bih - Bamenda. 5.000
Bobe Anthony Kufoin - Fuanatui. 1.000
Note that the list is not complete.

By our news desk

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