Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hon. PC Fonso wants West SDF Regain lost Glories

Hon. PC Fonso NEC delegation leader for West Provincial election who is SDF Parliamentary group leader and oldest MP in parliament has called on SDF militants and especially newly elected provincial bureau executive to restore the lost confidence of the party in the West.

The MP PC Fonso was cautioning the SDF Provincial delegates and the new bureau members at the conference hall of the Youth Centre in Mbouda of the West Region on Saturday March 27, 2010 during a Provincial Conference.

The NEC Special Envoy for the provincial election in West reminded over 24 new provincial executive members that although the SDF party scored a low percentage in the West during the 2007 legislative and municipal elections, the party remains the stronghold of the West.

He called on the new provincial bureau chairman, Jean Tsoumelou, to put aside any side talks by detractors in the name of party militants. He warned the new provincial chair that he and his team should wear rain boots and rain coat during their mission of preparing grounds for any elections that will be called by the CPDM regime in the name of independent election body ELECAM.

On the position of the party in the forthcoming elections, Hon PC Fonso clarified that the SDF party is not for boycotting of elections but to stop the elections if good laws are not put for the participation of any political party and not only the SDF. He went on that the party is ready and more determined for free and fair elections in Cameroon.

The new Provincial Chairman, Jean Tsoumelou, in his policy speech promised that as a youth who one time has tested fire during the 90s; he will make sure that the grassroots militants are mobilized. He called on the collaboration of the new team but warned that legal actions will be taken on anyone of them who dares this time to stir trouble of any nature in the West.

The Divisional Coordinators were equally cautioned to prepare grounds for effective start of fieldwork because any election is to be won by the SDF in West. Those elected among others to head the SDF Party in West included Jean Tsoumelou from Bamboutos Division, Vice - Samuel Tagne Ngeko from the Mifi Division, Secretary - Florent Nchinda from Koung-khi Division and Feulefack from the Menoua Division.

By Wambo Emmanuel

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