Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ntumazah's Widow reveals secret of his mysticism. Says Soldiers, Gendarmes, Police were UPC Patriots

The fallen UPC hero and Nationalist who was laid to rest last Saturday, Winston Ndeh Ntumazah's life was replete with stories of his mystical disappearances. It was believed he had wonderful magical powers. Anxious to know more about this The Vanguard's Yusuf Yerima accosted her and she debunked the tales.

Fortchou Elizabeth who had three children with Ndeh Ntumazah said people erroneously held that Ntumazah had mystical powers because he usually escaped from soldiers, police or Gendarmes who set out to arrest him. The truth according to Madam Fortchou is that the police, gendarmes and soldiers who came looking for UPC militants were all sympathizers to the UPC cause.

“They will meet Ntumazah but will let him go because they knew he was more of a patriot than those who wanted to kill him”, Fortchou told The Vanguard.

According to the woman, some times the soldiers and gendarmes would escort Ntumazah and his colleagues away into safer grounds because they knew Ntumazah's cause was that of liberating Cameroonians fron fangs of the French colonial masters.

Madam Fortchou nee Ngongem Elizabeth, third wife of the UPC fallen hero, Winston Ndeh Ntumazah, declared that they were soldiers, Gendarmes and policemen who were patriotic and sympathetic to the UPC cause. Madam Fortchou Elizabeth was speaking to The Vanguard on Saturday 27th march, after the burial of UPC National President Ndeh Ntumazah in Bamenda.

Talking about her life with Ntumazah, Fortchou said she has hardly lived together with him because he was being hunted by French colonial forces. She explained that in 1968 with Ntumazah's permission, she got married to another man.

“I left him in Ghana in 1964 and went to Albania with the children and later left Albania for the Congo", Fortchou explained.

She said after Kwame Nkrumah was overthrown in 1964, Ntumazah left Ghana for Morocco. “It was difficult for us to live together due to his political agenda and since he did not have a fixed place to live he permitted me to remarry in 1968,” Fortchou said.

The woman told The Vanguard that before his death, Ntumazah's wish was to see all three factions of UPC reunited as the one great UPC of the 1940s. Ntumazah's dream was to see all three factions viz UPC Kodock, UPC Hogbe Nlend and UPC Mckit united, Fortchou said.

By Yusuf Yerima

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