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2011 Presidentials: SDF To Field Francophone Candidate; Biya contemplates Anglophone Successor

By our news desk - 2011 promises to be a an interesting year in the history of Cameroon Politics, judging by some postulations and moves within Cameroon’s major political parties, the CPDM and the SDF. While the SDF is grooming a francophone to stand as presidential candidate in 2011, Biya and other progressive francophones within the CPDM think that for the sake of justice and to maintain national unity, an Anglophone CPDM candidate should be the ruling party’s candidate.

Out of the question
SDF insiders have informed The Vanguard that the idea of Ni John Fru Ndi stepping down as SDF Chairman October is out of the question. The argument is that the chairman of a party is not a very demanding one. He merely coordinates the party and doesn’t necessarily have to engage in any vigorous activities as the president of the country.

Waiting for people
One of them even defined a chairman as one who sits on the same spot waiting for people to come and take instructions from him. There is no reason why somebody cannot be Chairman for life so long as he is mentally sound. He cited the case of Mao Tse Tung, Chairman of the Chinese Communist Party and Oliver Tambo, chairman of the African National Congress, ANC, who ruled their parties for life.

To fight
In the case of the SDF, our informants were vehement that Fru Ndi is still very relevant. The SDF, he said, was formed to fight against Anglophone marginalization, reason why the party has stood firm on federation as an option in governance.

Promoting the Anglophone cause
On the contrary, francophones who recognise the need for a federation in sports (FECAFOOT, FECABASKET ETC) equate Federalism in politics to secession. Albert Mukong, one of SDF’s founding fathers, died a disappointed man because the party deviated from its original goal of promoting the Anglophone cause.

Cheated in elections
John Fru Ndi, even while courting Francophones, has it at the back of his mind the original mission of the SDF. That is why till date he is a member of the SCNC Advisory Council. Fru Ndi can therefore let go the position of Presidential candidate, especially as he has complained of being cheated each time he participates in the presidential elections.

Anglophone pressure groups
Although he will not personally contest, the SDF Chairman will have the greatest say in the choice of the Francophone whom the SDF will choose. Such a Francophone must not only be perfectly bilingual, but one who has fully embraced Anglophone values and sympathises with the Anglophone struggle. He must be one ready to implement the Banjul Verdict, whereby the African Commission for Human and People’s Rights, ACHPR, recommended dialogue between the government and the two Anglophone pressure groups that filed the Southern Cameroons case at Banjul.

The Anglophone candidate
He must be one who has proven beyond reasonable doubt that he would work for the whole country and not just for Anglophones, one who has worked very closely with Biya and demonstrated absolute and unconditional loyalty to him. He must be one who would respect the provisions in the new constitution that the he (Biya) would not be held responsible for crimes committed while in office.

Biya will choose
Dependable CPDM insiders hinted The Vanguard that Biya is likely to choose between Ephraim Inoni and Philemon Yang, both of whom have worked very closely with him. Biya, The Vanguard further learnt, will be the more willing to give way to an Anglophone candidate if Fru Ndi will also not stand as Presidential candidate.

Genuine democrat
President Biya’s choice of the logo of the Anglophone, Shaddai Akenji as the Golden Jubilee emblem, and his decision to visit the two Anglophone provinces, Bamenda in July and Buea on October, are seen as moves to placate them before handing power to them.

No presidential Elections in 2011
To prove that he is a genuine democrat, the President intends to organise a referendum rather than Presidential Elections in 2011.The referendum is intended to let Cameroonians decide whether he should contest or not. If they decide otherwise as there are indications they will, Biya will reiterate the declaration he made in the early 90s that he would love to be remembered as the man who brought democracy to Cameroon and make way for another candidate having convinced the world that he is one who he hearkened to the voices of the masses.

President Biya’s idea of letting an Anglophone succeed him, The Vanguard learned, was provoked by the publication in Mutations Newspaper that Rene Emmanuel Sadi, CPDM Central Committee Secretary General, will be challenging him in the 2011 polls.

Generally honest and forgiving
Although the paper gave the impression that it was an April fool, Biya and his diehard supporters have never seen it as a joke. Rather than wait to be stabbed in the back by a fellow Francophone and one whom he deeply trusted, our informants disclosed, Biya would rather, hand power to an Anglophone knowing that Anglophones are generally honest, forgiving and, above everything, competent.

Biya is unpredictable
It should however be noted that nothing has yet been concluded owing to the fact Biya himself is unpredictable. In fact, the president who once described politics as a game ”le Jeu politique” is, true to his philosophy, behaving like a player on a chess board who watches the movement of his opponent before he moving his pawns.

Elections rigged in advanced
The resent census result which portrays Anglophone population as declining already shows the level at which elections have been rigged in advanced. In this regards, if he fails to address North West social-economic problems during his Bamenda visit to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the armed forces, it means he considers any sanction vote against him in the up-coming presidential as inconsequential as the rigging has already been mapped.

Storm is coming
By virtue of the figures, he already has a comfortable majority in the South Region, Central, East the greater North. It should also be recalled that the population of Litoral Region the economic strong hold of the nation has been drastically reduced to serve that his purpose owing to the fact that the region is also the strong hold of the opposition. There is every indication that 2011 is going to be a very stormy political year for Cameroon.

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