Friday, June 11, 2010

Bum Sub Division Dis-enclaved

By Panky in Fonfuka - The Government of Cameroon has at last decided to dis-enclave the people of Bum sub-division in Boyo Division of the Northwest Region. This revelation was made to the people by their Senior Divisional Officer, Mr. Theophile Bekono Samba during his three days socio-economic tour of the sub division.

Long way
Bum Sub Division, up to this present date, is one of the only sub-divisions in the whole Cameroon where the inhabitants must go through four divisions before reaching their own Divisional Headquarters. The people of Bum must go through four sub-divisions in Donga Mantung, Bui Ngoketunjia and Mezam before reaching their Fundong Divisional headquarters as result of the difficult topography and several bridges to construct over rivers in order to have a direct road to Fundong which is just a few kilometres from Bum.

100 million francs granted
The SDO, Theophile Bekono Samba during his working session with the people of Bum sub division in Fonfuka, revealed to the people amidst euphoria and fanfare that government has granted 100 million francs for the rehabilitation of the Fonfuka-Kimbi-Boaboa-Fundong road.

Complete within three months
The SDO, who was also happy because it was the most complex subdivision for him to reach, presented to the crowd the contractor whom he assured them must complete the road within three months.

Collapse of bridge made it worse
The SDO opened his address by extending his abundant sympathies to the people of the area for the collapse of the Mungong Bridge last year which worsened things by cutting off the sub division from the rest of the country. It was the only outlet from the sub division to Donga Mantung Division and the rest of the country.

Coughing out 40 million
The SDO appreciated the Divisional Officer (DO) for Bum, Mr. Dolingo Bikinn Diongo whose initiative and collaboration with the Mayor of Fonfuka council, John Wanlo and the community easily traced a motorable path they were managing up till date. The SDO on behalf of the people also thanked government for coughing out 40 million francs for the reconstruction of the bridge that would soon be completed.

The SDO also confided to the people as government’s dis-enclavement policy, another 100 million francs has been allocated to the sub division for the construction of class rooms and supply of didactic material to primary and secondary schools. Equally, he announced another award of one hundred million francs granted through FEICOM for the construction of the Fonfuka Council chambers, a project he said was already awarded to a contractor.

Putting all together
Putting all these together and many others, the SDO told the people he had come to sensitise the people and elaborate government’s development scheme which he said involved four key players: the council, the community, the government and the international partners.

No magic without the community
For the aforementioned government grants, he described President Paul Biya as Samuel Eto’o Fils of the development team whose goals were already eminent. Just like Samuel Eto’o Fils’ witchery skills that can never score goals without contribution from other players, the government cannot make any magic without the community’s collaboration. He told them government had left at their disposal three hundred million only for this year and it was their place to ensure that the goals were achieved.

Stop farming in town
The administrator cautioned the people to change their mentalities and usher in development by being receptive and cordial to non indigenes. He authorised the Mayor to, in the nearest future; demolish all houses below the standards of a growing town. He advised the people to stop farming in town; allow the area for construction and move far-off to virgin land for farming activities.

More brotherly approach
On the farmer-grazer conflict, he was categorical it will never end as both farmers and grazers were condemned to live together advising that a more brotherly approach would assuage the situation. He reminded traditional rulers who were worried about land ownership, that there were private and national lands guided by well defined land-laws.

Must or out of free will
On other issues he reminded the people that for the reception of President Paul Biya in the North West Bamenda six thousand people from Boyo Division must be in Bamenda.

Challenged the entire community
On his part the Mayor of Fonfuka, John Wanlo while appreciating the SDO for braving their enclaved and difficult terrain, said his people of Bum sub-division had all the reasons to cling to the CPDM ruling party for their dis-enclavement. He only challenged the entire community to take up the challenge to play their own part properly. He also challenged other elites to join him in the hunting-bush for their people.

Forced by egoistic politicians
Other elites who talked to the press expressed their dis-enclavement was long frustrated by the Kom politicians. He regretted that they were forced by egoistic politicians to remain in the Boyo Division where they had nothing in common, and not exposed to the Divisional headquarter. They expressed that the greatest favour government could do to them was to carve Bum, Misaje and Noni sub divisions to a Division with headquarters wherever.

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