Friday, June 4, 2010

Cameroonians Give Mayor Amando Deserve Honours

Prince Pius Ngwa Amando, Pioneer Mayor of Bamenda III Sub divisional Council was laid to his final resting place in his residence in Mile 4 Nkwen on April 23rd 2010. People of all walks of life drawn from the ten region of Cameroon stormed Bamenda to pay their last respect to a fallen hero.

The honours bestowed on late Amando by the presence of NW administration and the condolence message from the Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralization, the Fon of Nkwen and the President of UCCC were well deserved. All and sundry that poured into the streets of Bamenda and the Catholic Church Futru, Nkwen all attested to the sterling qualities of late Amando who had spend his life working for the welfare of the population.

The SDF Provincial bureau led by Kum Henry Ichu gave the organisatio a professional touch as a tribute to Amando who himself was a perfect organizer. All fears xpressd by the population that his burial would not have the deserved grandeur were quashed by Kum Henry who spent sleepless nights with the MP for Bamenda Central and Bali, Hon Fobi Simon Nchinda rehearsing the details of the burial program. Nothing was left to chance and the program was executed with a clinical precision, thus giving a lot of credence to the SDF party as a well organized political entity.

The SDO for Mezam who delivered an eulogy on behalf of the administration regretted that Cameroon was losing somebody with unequalled and unpaired leadership skills, coupled with a sense of direction and purpose. He said as the supervisory authority he has always used Mayor Amando as a measuring rod of performance on other Mezam mayors.

He said Amando had transformed Nkwen into a modern city and still had lofty ambitions but unfortunately death snatched him from the population. He however requested the population to remain steadfast to the ideals of Amando and continue where he left the baton.

Ni John Fru Ndi who was flanked by MPs, mayors and other top notched politicians told the population that Amando was a workaholic, who had no time for himself but for the population that he served. He said anybody who will succeed Amando should do everything to maintain the standards of Amando and why not set new standards as a legacy and honour for him. Ni John Fru Ndi called on the population to show prove that they loved Amando’s work by catering for the family that he has left behind.

By Teneng Lucas

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