Monday, June 21, 2010

Corrupt Douala Airport Official caught on camera

From our news desk - Through our colleagues of The Post News Online we found the following video on You Tube.

Video Caption: "A Custom officer fraudulently asks for money to be paid for my property upon arrival at the Douala International airport. He covers up by shouting and intimidating me to comply and give him twenty thousand francs. He goes through all my three pieces of luggage and finds no reason to justify his demand.

I demand to see his Boss who subsequently asks for fifty thousand francs but when asked for receipts they revert to a forty thousand francs fee. Finally no money is paid to the individuals but to the state coffers. These officers have a salaries but rip people off their money and grow maliciously rich from others ignorance and fear to stand up for their rights and against corruption. If we resisted this evil, Cameroon might change for the better. When you give them money privately you cooperate in an evil with more horns than you can imagine. Resist and fight!"

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