Thursday, June 24, 2010

Drama. But the party continues…

By Auke VanderHoek. In the capital of The Netherlands, Amsterdam, live more nationalities than anywhere else in the world. So, it is not only the Dutch team that people support and watch on the television. Of course, the men in Oranges must win. But there is still a lot of love for the teams from the countries where the fans were born.

So are two Cameroonian women
Prudence, born in Kumba and Quinta, born in Bamenda watch Cameroon-Denmark in Quinta’s house. She lives with her Dutch husband and their Cameroonian born son in Amsterdam.

Sharp comments
The two girlfriends don’t take their eyes off the screen for even a split second. In a mixture of Pidgin English, typical Grassland phrases and Dutch words they give sharp comments on the game. Good that the players can’t hear them.

Second score
Prudence screams if she sees the Cameroonian Lions score for a second time. Quinta, sadly, has to brake her the news: “That was a replay of the first goal.” “Ooh…,” apologizes Prudence. They get into a big laughter. They enjoy football.

And than, death silence
If they win it will be all reason to party. To loose the game, will be drama. The ladies see the danger coming towards the goal. Shout as hell. See the ball go in. And become death silence.

Well, Ghana or Ivory Coats than
Ten minutes after the game they are speaking again. Quinta: “Ghana and Ivory Coast are still in”. If the World Cup goes to any sub-Sahara country there will be a party somewhere in town where the ladies will go.

Cameroon is out. But the Dutch are still in. All dressed in the color orange as the royal family’s last name is ‘Van Oranje’ meaning ‘Of Orange’. Quinta: “They are still in. It’s my second country, so I’ll support them too. Of course.” And if the Dutch become the World Champions, all over The Netherlands will be one huge orange sea of partying Dutch. Prudence and Quinta included. Dressed up in Orange.

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