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Facing The Nation - Column - by Sylvester Gwellem - Within the past 50 years Cameroonians have been governed by the use of intrigues, ambush and primitive coercion. During the Foumban Conference in July 1961, Ahidjo and his French advisers tactfully laid a political ambush and naïve Anglophone leaders at the time stupidly walked into it like sheep without a shepherd. The British were responsible for this. That was in 1961.

Walking into traps
Today in 2010, those who are said to be intellectuals and parliamentarians are knowingly walking into such repeated traps and ambushes because of selfish interests. The hunt for posts has become so fierce that the actors can even sacrifice the lives of their friends, brothers and tribesmen, even their wives and children! If only they could be appointed to positions of responsibility.

Obnoxious laws
Some parliamentarians pass obnoxious laws in the name of party discipline. Others claim to be MPs for the whole nation once elected even though they cannot win up to three votes out of their constituencies. These are not Grade II teachers we had in the 1960s but PhD holders.

Dictatorship and authoritarianism
Another ambush was laid in 1966 when Ahidjo used Muna, Egbe, Endeley, Tamfu and others to dissolve the opposition parties to form one party, the CNU. The type of dictatorship and authoritarianism that was introduced as a result if this merger was such that never even existed in the days of Bismarck who believed in blood and iron. It could only be compared to George Orwell’s hypothetical republic in his novel 1984.

No mercy in torture chambers
During this time, walls were said to have ears. It was just enough to imagine that one was not supporting the CNU; he had to be sent to Mantoum, Tcholire and Yoko where inscriptions at the gates said there was no God in those torture chambers.

Dared to resist
In 1972, Ahidjo and his cohorts used the willing hands of some greedy Anglophone lackeys to introduce the idea of the so-called Peaceful Revolution. Here Late Pa Foncha who dared to resist it was thrown out while Pa Muna who wanted it replaced him as Vice President and Prime Minister of West Cameroon.

Political intimidation
Under such circumstances and political intimidation that existed at the time only late Patrick Obenson and three others voted the black ballot papers to show their rejection of the unitary state. Of course he was arrested and locked up in the Buea prison for four months. Anglophones are yet to learn any lessons from the intrigues of the francophone since 1961.

Uncontrolled marches
In 1985 during the Bamenda CNU congress hungry, Anglophone post seekers actively took part in the creation of the CPDM which has turned out to be new wine in old wineskins. The CPDM is not different from the CNU. The uncontrolled marches in the streets of Cameroon are a repeat of what used to happen in the days of Ahidjo.

Joke rejected
In 1975 during the Douala CNU ‘Congress of Maturity’, Ahidjo joked that he will resign and appoint Sardou Daoudou as president. Bold as he was, late Hon. Ngom Jua rejected the idea of appointing a president and felt that Cameroonians should be allowed to vote their own president.

Immediately removed
This did not go down well with Ahidjo and Hon Jua was immediately removed from the Central Committee and ordered to leave the Congress Hall. Delphine Tsanga like Mrs. Foning of today gathered women and they went demonstrating in the streets of Douala and Yaoundé against Ahidjo’s hoax that will resign. The sycophants whom most of us know did the very thing our intellectuals are doing today.

Short sighted
In 1990, the SDF was launched to destroy the CPDM. It is the very short-sighted Anglophones who sabotaged the party and today we are talking of marginalization. Anglophones have never spoken the same language on any issues that concern their survival.

Continue to fall
As long as greed is our stock-in-trade, Anglophones will continue to fall into the several more traps that the CPDM regime will continue to set for the Anglophones and other naïve Cameroonians.

Stand up
Now, the result of the census have come to stock us again. This is the beginning of rigging. By all calculations, the North West region will have 16 MPs, the South West region will have 13, the Central region will have 29, Far North will have 29 and others. How can the CPDM be beaten? It is left to Cameroonians now to stand up like one man and resist the masquerade.

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