Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hon Wirngo visits his constituency

By Chifu Edward - Second part of article 'Jakiri MP steals show…' - After the May 20 festivities, the MP took time off to visit some villages of his constituency to thank militants for voting the CPDM party in the July 22, 2007 twin elections. The first lap of the visit was to Noi village where he donated a bundle of zinc, cartons of 400 gram washing soap and bags of salt to the population.

Visit long awaited
Appreciating the MP for the benches he donated to the schools of Noi and assistance given to IPS Noi during their fund raising amongst others, the president of Noi Cultural and Development association NOCUDA tough man of Jakiri SDF electoral district Dzernnnjo Marcel Wiymanla lamented that his visit was long awaited.

Seized the opportunity
However, “He who laughs last, laughs best… better late than never”. He seized the opportunity to present a catalogue of problems faced by the population. He cited bad roads, electricity, befitting health infrastructures and personnel.

Solemnised by
The same problems surfaced in his visit to Shiy village where he donated fifty bags of cement to assist the population in the reconstruction of a bridge. His philanthropic gesture was solemnised by His Royal Highness Fon of Kilu-un, SDF district chair man Vincent Banvikuuy .

Galvanise the party
While thanking the MP for his timely gesture Vincent averred that Shiy villagers know no political boundary when it comes to development. The section president, the Fon and other speakers hailed the MP for giving meaning to politics as his assistance to most villages of Jakiri Special constituency would galvanise the party.

“You are truly a friend in need, we love you. It is not a fake love, for your love for us is not fake. When the moment will come for us to show that love concretely, we will not fail you,” the Fon said
A crusader
He briefed the population on projects realised within his three years in parliament and those pending execution. As a crusader for peace and unity he exhorted the population to be law-abiding, respect state institutions, and shun vandalistic politics stumbling blocks to development.

He promised to do all in his capacity to raise most of the villages from the doldrums of social and economic stigma. "But to realise these dreams, the population should never bite the finger that feeds them," he warned.

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