Thursday, June 24, 2010

Jakiri MP Steals Show at May 20 Celebration

By Chifu Edward - Hon. Wirngo Buba has distinguished himself as a development icon in CPDM Bui IV following the number of development projects carried out as MP within three years as Parliamentarian.

700 benches and 200 helmets
His activities, appreciated by all and sundry, are not only giving meaning to CPDM politics in Jakiri, but galvanising the party to fish for more militants against 2011, 2012 and beyond. It is for this reason that even the administration of the sub division has challenged both militants and elites to emulate Hon Buba to give Jakiri a new face. He donated 700 benches to all the schools of Jakiri last year and 200 helmets to bike riders this year.

Put to use
Referring to the gesture as Cameroon’s 50th Anniversary gifts from the illustrious son of the soil, the D.O of Jakiri Sub-Division, Qweton Anderson Kongeh, said the helmets should not be used as window dressing but should be put into use regularly so as to protect the bike riders in times of any accident. Lauding Hon. Wirngo’s gesture, the D.O said the gesture was a mark that he is constantly in touch with his population and knows the problems they face. He enjoined other elite and politicians of Jakiri to emulate Hon. Wirngo by reaching out to the population.

Harping on Hon. Wirngo’s constant gestures to the electorate, the D.O. pointed out that last year; he eked out some 700 benches to all the schools in the municipality beginning from Nursery to High Schools. “So I think that our Hon. Member of Parliament is very selfless because what he is doing for his population is above the parliamentary micro-project grants he receives”. He said what Hon. Wirngo is doing has never been seen from any politician in Jakiri Sub-Division.

Challenged the CPDM barons
Corroborating the D.O, the wife of late Minister Nsahlai Christopher, Madame Henriette Nsahlai opined that what the Jakiri MP is doing is in line with what her late husband wished from MPs and CPDM bigwigs of Jakiri. He challenged the CPDM barons of Dzekwa to work hard in order to consolidate the victory the party had in the 2007 twin elections else the opposition may take over the Sub-Division. “We really need to encourage our militants. That is why I formed a Common Initiative Group in Jakiri known as, “Hand in Hand”, which is now encouraging self-reliance activities in this Sub-Division and consequently alleviating poverty and fighting against idleness and unemployment”.

How to use motorbikes
On the raison d’ĂȘtre of the gifts to the motorbike riders, the benefactor, Hon. Wirgo, said that it’s a way of appreciating the good work the motorbike riders are doing in the Sub-Division. “I hope the helmets will help protect the beneficiaries from accidents”. He promised that next time he will organise training seminars or how to use motorbikes in the transport sector to reduce the rate of accidents in the Sub-Division.

Reckless sex
On HIV/AIDS which is a danger in today’s Cameroon, Hon, Wirngo enjoined the motorbike riders to be responsible and desist from endangering their lives by indulging in reckless sex.

Make them know
Talking to The Vanguard about politics in Jakiri, Hon. Wirngo said he will continue to educate and sensitise the population on what politics is all about so that they should bury the dirty politics of the ‘90s when people’s properties were damaged by others of other political parties “I will continue to make them know that we are all one and indivisible and put them towards the direction of peace, unity and development”.

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