Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Letter to the editor: "Proof of your dishonesty and lack of professionalism"

Our reader Kah Walla has left a comment on our article "SDF Female NEC Members at Each other’s Throat". The Vanguard is thankful for speaking out the complaint. The letter is posted here as a letter to the editor/opinion. So it can be considered and weighted en public.

We do not remove articles as once posted is posted. As in print, when it's written it can't be unwritten. We do put it on the table, en public, to hear all sides of the story. And to take the blame if we do make errors. For now it's still on the table. We keep you informed.

The Vanguard

Mr. Chifu Edward,

It would be in your best interest to remove this article immediately as it is a lie from the first word to the last.

Very simply, Chantal Kambiwa and I have not attended a NEC meeting at the same time for over 9 months. She has made no comments that I know of concerning Cameroon O'Bosso and I have certainly made none concerning the Socialist Women.

It would seem you entertain fantasies and illusions about the SDF, Cameroon O'Bosso and women in political leadership. Do your job as a journalist and contact the persons concerned so you can "learn" whatever it is you want to print.

This article is a disgrace to you, the Vanguard and the entire journalistic profession in Cameroon. It not only is proof of your dishonesty and lack of professionalism, but it puts you in prime position to be sued for libel.

Kindly remove this article immediately and if it enters your head to exercise the profession of a journalist, endeavor to meet at least one of your sources. In that manner you, if you listen carefully, you will be able to print one or two facts.

Kah Walla

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