Sunday, June 20, 2010

Take a look around and act

By Auke VanderHoek - As we report on Cameroon. We are eager to catch anything news worthy. We try to tell you the story. We try to inform you and do question what is said. We try to discover what is the truth and uncover what is wrong.

Beauty of Cameroon
To do that, we take a look at our country. Every single day. To see where something ugly goes on and to report on it. And as we do so, we take time to see. And we also see the beauty of our country and people. We like to share that too. So, look up. Look around you. Have a moment of silence. And take in all the beauty of Cameroon.

What are you doing?
Forget all the bad things. Ease your mind. And when you’re done. Think about what you can do to cherish, celebrate and safe that beauty. It’s a good tradition that we celebrate our ancestors. But even better, we think about the future of our children.

Stand up and act
We are only borrowing it from our children and the many generations that still will come when we are already long gone. What will they think about us if we don’t try our very best today? So, stand up, act and do something positive.

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speak your mind and take part in any discussion.
As exchange of ideas and debates between opinions
are fundamental for our democracy.
And will push Cameroon forward.

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