Monday, July 12, 2010

CCAST Bambili PTA Suspended

Chifu Edward - Bamenda - The Parent Teacher Association, PTA, of the age-old Cameroon College of Arts Science and Technology, CCAST, Bambili has been suspended owing to anti-school activities. A Source has hinted The Vanguard. The PTA of this reputed institution, for some time now, has been working against the Principal instead of collaborating with the administration to foster the education of the children.

Orchestrated by selfish interests
The Vanguard gathered that Northwest Secondary Education authorities had observed that the PTA /principal saga, reported in our last edition, was orchestrated by selfish interests. The Vanguard was told that the PTA and some staff, indigenes of Bambili, want to have one of theirs appointed principal. This explains why the PTA has been working against the principal of the school.

Numerous student strikes
Allegations hold that numerous student strikes have most often been fuelled by the PTA to humiliate the principal and cause education hierarchy sack him for incompetence. A probe into the intentions of the PTA was provoked by a recent petition to the Secondary Education hierarchy accusing the Principal of misappropriation and embezzlement. The petition was written by the PTA, under the auspices of the PTA Chair, one Eric Adangfung, a contractor. There was ample proof of malice in the whole affair. The conclusion was that clearly that the PTA was working against the administration of the school. The CCAST Bambili PTA had been acting rather like a supervisory authority to school, than the collaborator the PTA ought to be.

Yearned for the contract
The Vanguard found out that the bone of contention between the Principal Mr Langmia Forkussam Austin and Mr Andangfung Eric, the contractor, was the construction of a multimedia centre in the school and purchase of computers. The PTA accused the principal of having executed it single-handedly (without the consent of the PTA) as mandated by Education hierarchy. The PTA Chair, Andangfung Eric, being a contractor apparently yearned for the contract for the project. He, according to the principal, took offence and started writing all sorts of defamatory reports against his person.

Frustrating the aims
The most appalling thing about it was the open clashes between the PTA Chairman and the Principal in front of students, a very degrading situation for the Principal. The principal, unwilling to allow himself to be dragged in mud by the PTA, which had overstepped its bounds decided to check the situation. Such unruliness by the PTA, if not checked by Education hierarchy would influence others to do same thereby frustrating the aims and objectives of the PTA as originally conceived.

Knew ahead of time?
The Vanguard also learnt that the numerous student strikes in CCAST against the administration of the school were masterminded by the PTA. “Why is it that the PTA chair was always aware of the strike action by students ahead of time?” Mr Langmia wondered. The Principal told the Vanguard that the PTA Chairman, who wants him to run the school according to his whims and caprices, had always informed him of a looming strike by students. “If he was not the one inciting them why is it that he, Eric Adangfung, always knew ahead of time?”

No need to talk to the media
Several attempts by The Vanguard to get Mr Andangfung’s version of the story for about a week has been futile as he frequently gave excuses and refused to respect his appointments with us. “I will call you in twenty minutes, I am busy, come tomorrow”, etc were his words. At one time he told The Vanguard on phone that he had written to Education hierarchy and did not need to talk to the media.

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