Friday, July 9, 2010

NW Health Personnel Trained on Emergency Health

By Chifu Edward - Bamenda - Northwest health personnel and some Red Cross officials have been trained on emergency health services. Participants were Chief Medical Officers of all the hospitals of the region, Medicalised Health Centres, Nurses, medical officers in charge of emergency units of the regional hospital and some members of the Red Cross.

Civil protection
The training falls in line with the principles of civil protection following the vulnerability of NW to natural disasters, like landslides, wild bush fires, thunderstorms that kill, Lake Nyos gas disaster. Based on this the delegation decided to train officers to manage such disasters.

To assist in
The Regional Delegate took advantage of the Head State’s visit to the region to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Armed Forces to carry out the training in order to give the ceremony the health coverage it deserves. Thereafter, the team will remain in the region to assist in the management of man-made or natural disasters and health coverage.

Max health coverage
Equipment, drugs and consumables have already been made available for the team to ensure maximum health coverage of the visit.

International standards
The three-day training is said to have been modelled on international standards. Facilitators were professionals drawn from the Army Rescue Unit amongst other experienced health officials, Emergency Doctors as well. About fifty six health officials were groomed for the exercise.

Dr. Ndiforchu Victor North West Regional Delegate for Public Health told The Vanguard Friday June 25 that training could be extended in future based on the diligence of the current officials and the demand for the service in the field. He expressed optimism that if there is effective networking the officials would do well.

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