Friday, July 2, 2010

Police rough-handle Mezam SDO

By our news desk - The Rapid Intervention Unit of the Police, commonly known as ESIR, assaulted the Second Assistant Senior Divisional Officer for Mezam, Mr Mugambo Ekema William. It was during the riot of the bike riders as a result of the killing one of one of theirs by the GMI police unit in Bamenda.

Police brutality
The Second Assistant S.D.O. for Mezam, Mugambo Ekema William, who received punches on the face from some elements of the Bamenda Rapid intervention force mid May 2010, has pleaded with the Human Rights organisations to organise seminars with the forces of law and order and help to educate and sensitise them on human rights issues and law because according to him, most of them are very ignorant of the law and consequently very irresponsible.

With a swollen face
Narrating his ordeal with a swollen face in a training seminar organised by the Centre for Human Rights and Peace Advocacy (CHRAPA), a Bamenda-based NGO in special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations, the ASDO said he was shocked and perplexed of what the police who are supposed to protect the citizens did to him. He said he parked his car at the entrance into the North West Governor’s office to make a call and all of a sudden, a police van stopped by and the occupants started raining insults on him questioning why he parked where he parked.

What about the common man?
To the surprise of the seminar participants, the ASDO said the police fell on him like bees and started giving him punches and kicks leaving him with a swollen face. “They said they did not care who I was even if I was the president of the Republic. If this happens to an authority like me, then what about the common man on the street?”

They do not know the law they have to uphold
Observing that most of the Cameroon police are picked from the quarters and recruited and so they do not know the law, the assistant S.D.O entreated the Human rights organisations to organise training seminars for the police to educate them in the law and on what they as the forces of law and order ought to be doing. "Because our police violate people’s rights on daily bases”, he however opined that the laws are there but it’s the people who violate them every day.

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