Friday, July 2, 2010

WICUDA National Executive Pledges to Unite Mbum people

By our news desk - The new national executive of the Wimbum cultural and Development Association (WICUDA) has pledged to unite the Mbum people of Donga Mantung Division.

In one bundle and not in pieces
Presiding over the maiden executive meeting of WICUDA in Bamenda on May 22, 2010, the WICUDA National President, Shey Henry Nganji, enjoined his Mbum kith and kin to embrace those tendencies that bind them together and shun divisive tendencies. He said that his executive, which was elected at Nkambe on April 3, 2010, was challenged to keep the Wimbum people in one bundle and not in pieces.

Colonial administration of divide-and-rule
On a more serious note Shey Henry enjoined his executive to sensitize and bring Wimbum people all over the Country and beyond together for the common good of development. Hear him; “Let us make our villages at home to be veritable believers in the WICUDA launch that took place in Nkambe and the oneness promised”. He said the “tripod” brought by the colonial administration of divide-and-rule should not continue to divide the Wimbum people.

Accept responsibilities
According to the WICUDA scribe, posterity shall hold the members of his executive hostage if they do not unite the Wimbums for the sake of development in this era of globalization where people talk of global village. He challenged his executive members to work together and accept their responsibilities in times of failures and successes.

The Shey Henry’s executive was empowered in Nkambe on April 3, 2010 by the General Assembly to put in place the standing committees, reasons why during the executive meeting in Bamenda, he entreated his executive members to make choices that fit into the various committees and people who are willing to work for the association

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