Monday, August 2, 2010

Biya Appoints New SG to Kumba City Council

By Chifu Edward - Mr. Shei Henry Nganji, Regional Chief of Councils for Northwest Region, has been appointed new Secretary General to Kumba City Council by a recent Presidential arêté. He replaces Mr Makoge Ivo Charles appointed SG to Northwest Governor’s office.

Shei Henry, who hails from Donga Mantung, is a shrewd an experienced cadre, conversant with council management. He is currently being groomed on Decentralisation of councils in an international workshop in Kribi under the auspices European Union association of Francophone Mayors, United Councils and Cities and Congo Mayors. He is expected to give Kumba City Council a new face given his rich academic and professional profile.

Who is Shei Henry Nganji?

Before his appointment as the Northwest as Regional Chief of Councils Shei Henry served in the Ministry of Territorial Administration for sixteen years. From 1986 as Chief of Bureau for Local Council taxes, he moved up to Assistant Chief of Service for Economy and Finance in the department. Thereafter he was raised to the rank of Chargé d’Etudes in the same department. In 2002 he was appointed Chief of Councils for the Northwest Region where he worked up to his present appointment in June 2010 as SG to Kumba City Council. In all he worked in the Ministry of Territorial Administration for about sixteen years and eight years as Regional chief for Northwest Region.

The meticulous council administrator noted within Northwest councils as a workaholic read Political Science in Ahmadou Bello University Zaria in Nigeria. In 1989 he was granted a scholarship to study Urban Management and Planning in the Israeli Institute of Technology where he graduated with a Diploma. Henry also read Council Management and Decentralisation and works in Public service.

The Vanguard accosted Shei Henry Saturday June 19 at the “Ngen” Junction, Nkwen Bamenda en route to Kribi for the workshop on Decentralisation to comment on his new office.

“Since our service is non-existent following the new organigramme my appointment is welcomed”. He hailed his hierarchy for his appointment adding, “It is apparently due to my works in the Northwest Region”.

Quizzed on what he expects from the Kumba population and the City Council in particular to enable him use his rich educational and professional experience, Henry said “I like working a lot and hope Kumba people are hard working. I will encourage the staff of that council to work hard to give Kumba K-town a facelift. I want to see Kumba develop. I hope with the collaboration of the Government Delegate Kumba will develop.”

Shei Henry attended a meeting in Congo on March 10, 2010 where he was voted into a 14-man pilot committee where they discussed on the training which involves the North West, Centre, Littoral Regions; Douala and Yaoundé city councils.

The capacity-building workshop will close in July. After that they will become experts in training other people in the region or elsewhere. “Now that I am going to South West I think Kumba City Council will be first to benefit from the training,” Shei Henry said.

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