Sunday, August 1, 2010

Conman attempts to dupe Detained Minister of CFA 2.5 millions

By NDI Eugene NDI - A certain Georges Meyong Ebo’o, 27 years old failed to con detained Minister, former Secretary of State for Secondary Education, Catherine Abena, of FCFA 2.5 million francs recently. Mme Abena is presently under detention at the Kondengui maximum security prison in Yaoundé for embezzling state funds. The unsolicited visitor’s intention was to get his own share of the much money allegedly embezzled by the female senior prisoner.

Boldly visit
The story goes that Georges Meyong Ebo’o, paid a visit to Mme Catherine Abena in her Kondengui Prison cell. According to reliable sources he sells planks at Messa in Yaoundé. Aware of the fact that the former Secretary of State is not in good health while at the Kondengui prison; Georges Meyong Ebo’o boldly visited the latter claiming to be a high official from the Presidency of the Republic.

Had to pay
While with the former Secondary Education official, Georges claimed that the Head of State was aware of the troubles that Catherine Abena was going through and was ready to release her from the prison through medical evacuation. After telling her this, Georges told Catherine Abena that she had to pay the sum of FCFA 2.5 million at a certain State Council’s Chambers, whose names were given as Jean Pierre Mvondo Evezo’o.

Sensed danger
Marie Catherine Abena gave this ‘high personality at the presidency’ an appointment and immediately alerted the Judicial Police in Yaoundé. At the time the appointment was about to mature, Georges Meyong Ebo’o, probably sensed danger, and pretended he was too busy to come for the money. He proposed sending his ‘driver’.

Awaiting trial
He was later arrested on June 4, 2010 when he came again, this time posing as the State Council’s driver. When arrested he admitted his aim was to extort part of the money the former Secretary of State for Secondary Education embezzled. Georges Meyong Ebo’o is now awaiting trial in the same Kondengui.

Hunger strike
It should be recalled that while in prison, she went on a six days hunger strike that finally took her to the reanimation ward of the Yaoundé Central Hospital last January 2010. However she was not arrested alone as she was taken to Kondengui alongside some of her former collaborators amongst which are Nicodème Akoa Akoa, Inspector of Services, Jean Rouly Mbila, ex-director of Exams, Concours and Certification, Augustin Mvondo Mvondo, former head of the PPTE unit, ,the mayor of Mengong, Eboutou Akono épouse Minlo’o former Financial Controller. The head of the communications unit Hilaire Njewel, was later arrested too as being part of the corps.

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