Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Orphans cautioned to restore fatherless, motherless hopes

By Wambo Emmanuel in Babungo - Some 33 orphans from across Babessi Sub Division in the Ngoketunjia Division of the North West Region have been cautioned to restore the lost motherless, fatherless feelings and embrace nature. The call was made at the Finteng hall recently during celebrations marking the official launching of the orphanage foundation by PCC Parish Pastor for Babungo Parish, Rev Emmanuel Ndah representing Bua Mabel the founder of the association in the Diasporas.

Help the mother- and fatherless
Addressing the heavily attended occasion, Rev. Pastor Emmanuel Ndah described the founder of the association as a God-fearing one designed to help the motherless and fatherless children. The man of God went further to say that a Christian who preaches without examples is merely passing out empty words which will have no impact. He quoted from the book of James 1:27 that says, “Pure religion and undefiled before God and the father is to visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction”. This is the reason why the founder of the association has chosen an orphanage foundation than going for other foundations in a quest of money.

Act as Jonas in the Bible
At a carpet start of the association, Rev Emmanuel called on the entire population to join hands in seeing that the problems of the orphans in the area will become a thing of the past. Earlier, the appointed Chairman of the day appreciated the initiator of the project and called on them not to copy from the past but act as Jonas in the Bible who was sent to rescue the people of Nineveh .Bua Mabel’s husband, Usmanu Ali, on his own part, donated books, pens, rulers and bags to the orphans and promised to do more when the time comes.

Officiated and spiced
The coordinator of the foundation Kizitu Nafunwa on his part briefed the population on the criteria they used in sorting out the orphans. He called on the caretakers of the orphans who were not informed on the coming of the foundation to do so. The occasion was officiated by a college of pastors and was spiced with traditional dancing.

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