Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wacuda Bafoussam branch picks new executive

By Wambo Emmanuel in Bafoussam - The Bafoussam branch of the Warr Cultural and Development Association WACUDA, of the Donga Mantung Division, of the North West Region, now has a new executive. The election of the new bureau took place at the WICUDA multi-purpose hall Bafoussam in the presence of some senior elites of the Division. The election of the new bureau came shortly after the installation of the old executive by National president of WACUDA Hon. Awudu Cyprain Mbaya.

Refusal due to poor health
The out-going president, Roland Nfor, declined against the wishes of many who still wanted him to contest. Members who were disappointed with his refusal to contest boycotted the session leaving the hall almost empty. He had earlier on pleaded to stay aloof due to his poor health. Never-the-less, he thanked those who supported him during his tenure of office.

First listen and than speak
Roland Nfor cautioned the new executive of the association to work in good faith bearing in mind that: “A leader is he who must be prepared to listen and be the last to speak” Talking about projects realised back home, Roland cautioned the new executive to give priority to projects in their various villages.

Protocol officers
The election saw the emergence of Julius Kwande as president and Captain Sih Cletus Vice General secretary, Amos Ngeh, Treasurer Martin Ngafi, Finance Secretary, Carine Talla and Timothy Ngwane, Leonard Chifu, Emmanuela Kamje and Emmaculate as protocol officers.

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