Thursday, August 19, 2010

West CAMASEJ Formed, Picks New Executive

By Bame Sixtus Kum in Bafoussam - The Anglophone media practitioners of the West Region that were lagging behind to join the rest of their brothers and sisters of the Cameroon English Speaking Journalists across the nation have finally been formed in the West. The brain behind the formation of the association is CRTV senior staff Charles Tembei.

Bureau to run the affairs
He had, in several consultative meetings with the English practising men and women of the West highlighted the importance of such an association. One of the first ever meetings held at the news conference hall of CRTV West last May 29, 2010.Top on the agenda was to seek a solution and immediately put in place the association. To look for possible means to find a suitable site of the meeting and to put in place a bureau to run the affairs of the association.

Briefed the members
While in their official meeting at the Buffet Bamboo, a temporary site in Bafoussam last Saturday June 12, 2010, the initiator of the meeting Charles Tembei briefed the members on what it takes to become a full member of CAMASEJ. He briefed them on some basic issues of the association like subscription of a member, registration and entertainment levies during meetings.

Worth noting
Those elected to pilot CAMASEJ affairs in the West are: President - Charles Tembei, Treasurer - Patience Vuga, GS Fusong David and finally Steve Dufe as the Financial Secretary of CAMASEJ West chapter. Worth noting also is the fact that the membership of the association now stands at 15. That is why only four have of now been chosen to run the association pending more members for the bureau to be completed.

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