Monday, August 23, 2010

West ELECAM officials confronted with opposition boycott

By Wambo Emmanuel in Bafoussam - Leaders of some major opposition parties in the West have boycotted the official installation of some 49 officials of the ELECTION Cameroon in the West region. The Provincial Chairman of the Social Democratic Front SDF, told this reporter that his National Chairman in a joint voice with some political parties and civil society organisations have denounced the appointment of members of the structure calling them CPDM Central Committee members who can not organise and supervise elections in the general interest of Cameroonians. He went on that the Secretary General of the UN Ban Ki –Moon has reiterated this call of transparent elections in Cameroon during his last visit in Cameroon on the of the Head of State himself.

Despite worries by these leaders of the political parties in the West and the nation at large, the National Director of ELECAM, Mohaman Sani Tanimon, has called on the 49 newly installed officials of Election Cameroon of the West region to be apolitical during their mission of organising and supervising elections. He made the recommendation last Monday June 14, 2010 at the Caplami conference hall while officially commissioning the members into their different functions.

The occasion took place under the watchful eyes of the West Regional Governor and his entourage, Ivaha Dibua Samuel Dieudonne, traditional and religious leaders, administration and family members of the installed officials.

On his part the Government Delegate to the Bafoussam City Council, Emmanuel Nzete, has thanked the DG for the choice of Bafoussam after the South West on the exercise. Mr. Emmanuel Nzete on his part called on the newly installed ELECAM West delegate, Barrister Rene Tagne to use his technical know-how to bring about order in the organisation of elections in the West. He equally despised all sorts of accusations that there ever exists election rigging even during elections organised by MINAT. Nevertheless, Mr. Emmanuel Nzete promised the necessary collaboration of his council during the operations of the organisation and the supervision of elections in his municipality.

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"I was clubbed over the head and lost consciousness (. . .) I was admitted to the prison infirmary and spent 10 days there before being taken to hospital." is very pitiful, what can we do to sanction such violations?