Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Woman shamed for stealing husband’s Pigs

By Wambo Emmanuel in Bafoussam - Madam Anastasia Talla is currently smarting from the disgrace of pig theft. Anastasia and husband live in Foto of the Menoua Division of the West Region of Cameroon. Gabriel Talla, her husband is a pig farmer in Foto. His wife has been fond of stealing from him. She steals money, materials and even the pigs, yet accuses family members and some neighbours.

Raised an alarm and launched a serious search
On May 14, her husband went to the bush market to buy more pigs for rearing. Upon his return; he discovered that five of the pigs he had arranged to transport to Douala to sell had disappeared. He raised an alarm and launched a serious search in the neighbourhood. After a serious search from quarter to quarter, the husband was informed that his usual customer from Douala had visited the pig fence late that evening of May 14. Worried why his customer should enter his pig fence in his absence and take away pigs he had to sell, Gabriel called the supposed customer to find out if he was the one. Since he and the wife had agreed on a deal, the buyer refused having visited the fence. Gabriel immediately took off for Bafoussam where he caught up with his client with his five pigs in the usual transport car.

Disgracing him in the public as a wife
The Douala customer for fear of mob justice disclosed that the wife had told him that the pigs were given to her by the elder brother to sell to assist the father who was sick and badly needed money for his medical attention. That was the reason why she sold the pigs without the consent of the husband. The husband, however said he was not angry about the pigs and materials she was stealing but for disgracing him in the public as a wife. He said that the Bible says when two are joined together, they become one, but wondered aloud why this would happen.

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