Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Humiliation of N.W MPs.

By Sylvester Gwellem - Reports from the Ministry of Agriculture in Yaoundé that North West CPDM MPs were roughed up, humiliated and frisked by a thug in police uniform said to be a bodyguard to the Minister of Agriculture, pork-eating Jean Nkuete of Dschang extraction could be very disturbing and should not go unpunished.

It is even more disturbing and worrying when one takes into consideration that apart from the fact all of them come from the same CPDM party, this sad event took place in an office which is supposed to be open to all users let alone the elected representatives of the Cameroonian people who still enjoy their immunity.

I find it difficult to imagine how a pork-eating Dschang guard could subject our burly looking MPs to upper-cuts and face jabs from a politically pampered Region like Bamenda. The Anglophone Press should not put this matter to rest until punishment is meted out on the perpetrators.

To add salt to injury it is said that the bodyguard opened his fangs to say that Anglophones disturb too much. He should know it is because of the docility of Francophones that Cameroon can only boast of two Presidents in 50 years and has become the laughing-stock of the world. It is only in Francophone Cameroon that leaders still believe that witchdoctors could cause a football team to win a match. Why should such barbarians not beat up MPs?

There is no doubt that the Minister of Agriculture gave orders to that guard to punch the MPs. This is why the Secretary General did not behave differently. Brutality has been the stock-in-trade of Francophones. They are beastly and we know that.

The shabby treatment given to the MPs should serve as a lesson to all those CPDM people who stand in public places to say that it is the Anglophone frustrated minority who say that there is an Anglophone problem in Cameroon. They have had a taste of what the ordinary Anglophone goes through everyday. It is even said that when the MPs were being pushed around, there was an Anglophone top baron of the CPDM who instead of condemning the brutality, instead admired what was being meted out on his kith and kin.

This was a sign of cowardice and must be condemned in stout language. Time has come for all Anglophones to put on one thinking cap irrespective of political leanings to say enough is enough. Anglophones should not answer Francophones with their tails between their legs as they have been doing. We have seen their limitations.

That said, let’s talk other issues. Those who feel that a change at the helm of the SDF may necessarily change the mentalities of the party sympathizers are making a mistake. It is not just enough for Fru Ndi to parade somebody around as his successor that people will vote for that person. Charisma is not transferable.

Most top-ranking and trusted members of the SDF have turned out to be mercenaries and traitors. Imagine that trusted party barons take money and turn SDF victories to defeats. Those who are in the inner circles have come to discover why some people push themselves up to high posts in that party. This is why each time a sympathizer loses a post he jumps over to the next party and starts condemning the party that projected him to Cameroonians.

Time has come for any aspirant to any post in the SDF to pass a true militancy test. Political chameleons have brought the party to its knees and we must avoid them now.

Should a leader be loved or feared?
Reading through the story of Jesus in the Holy Bible one can easily say “For Judas Iscariot so loved Jesus so much that he sold him for some few coins, believing that he (Jesus) being so powerful can never be captured and killed but will use his heavenly powers to get over his enemies.” The truth is that Judas feared not Jesus but loved him. For (love) as someone has put it, “is held by a chain of obligations which, men being selfish, is broken whenever it serves their purpose”

In our context, what one sees is unconditional love and support for our leader. This love, as exhibited by many of our ministers, is conditioned while our leader has come to know that he needs to be feared not loved because “fear is maintained by a dread of punishment which never fails”.

Now the president has chosen never again to rely solely on the words these blandishers without making other preparations to the wellbeing of the nation. Today many of them are staring at walls and ceilings of prisons in Yaoundé and Douala for economic crimes committed against this nation. Today many of them are free but for how long. History is not a respecter of persons. Our leaders today are very much uncomfortable with the type of service he has received from his collaborators and as we know the first mistake a leader can make is from the choice of those to work with.

The time then has come for the leader of the state to make a better choice. He must choose but people who fear him as a president and not his person. He emanates the laws of this nation and nobody has ever been in love with the law. It is only the fear of the Lord that people are afraid to commit crimes.

Cameroonians need is only a change of mentality; and attitude can only be changed by laws that are enforced and respected. We are where we are today after 50 years because we love and do not fear. Our president should be feared.

*Leadership is not showbiz and coming into the country to show love and support should be checked because behind such dances are malicious plans by the organizers.

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