Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Nsahlai Shadrack shot in the head

By Ndi Eugene Ndi and Nyassah Julius - Close relative blame for senatorial struggle. A highly placed statesman has hinted that Mr Nsahlai Shaddrack, was shoot in the head as he had a wound on fore head and back. How it happened: an irritation revelation contained in burial his program document. On the 13th of January 2010 just one year in retirement Nsahlai Shadrack was called to the Regional Delegation of Secondary Education ‘for some questioning’. His wife only forced him to eat before going as he resisted saying he would not be long.

Questioning in Yaounde
While there, he was told the questioning was to be but in Yaounde. Having been refused even ten minutes to rush back home and pack his bag, he only called his wife to do so and meet him at the Judicial Police. She did and with his brother and other well-wishers watching him drove off Bamenda never to see him anymore.

Detained in Kondengui prison
In Yaounde, he was detained in Kondengui prison awaiting trial for the 174million FCFA he was supposed to have unlawfully executed. When asked what he knew about it, he said that type of money had never passed through his hands throughout his life. He was then told the investigation was to take six months. Surprisingly, the ‘Maximum Security Kondengui Prison’ gates opened and swallowed Mr. Nsahlai to his greatest shock and that of everyone who knew him and his life style.

The particular document hadn’t his signature
Being the wise and careful worker he was, Mr. Nsahlai kept photocopies of every expenditure that passed through him. He however lacked only one document which carried the major amount of 110million FCFA just because he was not in the country when that was executed. This happened to be the lone document hung on him for all the six months. Finally, a good samaritan of a woman brought this particular document which truly hadn’t his signature to him in July and coincidentally on the day before he was to appear in Court.

Family member was told he would die
That completed his justification file and from the 31st of July. What was being pending now was the signing of his release. Meanwhile, he kept complaining of insecurity and even told a friend that he felt he might never leave that place. A family member was also told in the face that Shadrack will not leave Kondengui alive.

Prison gates left open?
Day after day, hope mingled with impatience mounted until that fateful 25th of August that his condition was not good. On their way to Kondengui another call came that the giant had given up the ghost. Arriving there all the prison gates were exceptionally half closed. The mortal remains were just taken out and either by design or out of shock, the gates were unusually left open.

The giant fell
It took again the next two hours for the remains to arrive the mortuary of General Hospital after a lot of gymnastics. Yes, Mr. Nsahlai was no more. The ambulance finally emerged with him facing up, hands swinging by the sides of the stretcher, a bandage on his fore-head a little above his eyes, on a wound? Yes, a deep wound… and bleeding nostrils… Yes, it happened. The giant fell. Yes, a Christ-like figure, innocent but crucified. Crucified for rivalry? Why? Collapsed? Yes, but ironically, he is like he has saved the remnant of the Nsahlais’. Yes, God allowed him seven months in detention to reconcile with Him and prepare for his reception in Paradise. A tragic hero? Yes…? No! But ‘vengeance is mine’ says the Lord.

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