Monday, October 18, 2010

Angry mob drives 6-inches nail into alleged thief’s head

By Tandap samuel - Shey Weyi, from Luh Village in Ndu Sub Division was recently beaten and a 6-inches nail driven into his head before he died. The man was a prison graduate from the Bamenda Prison and had been in jail several times. He had become a real headache to the villagers as he stole just anything that came his way.

Shey Weyi, who was married, discovered an abandoned house belonging to one dead man in Kufluh village in Bui Division. There he succeeded in doing away with 50 sheets of corrugated iron roofing sheets (commonly known as ‘zinc’). Surely another command came after he sold the first fifty sheets and he equally needed some school fees for his children as well as a drink.

Mother awake
As fate would have it, he returned to the same compound for another deal. This time around he was not as lucky as before. Although it was drizzling one nursing mother was awake, awaken by her baby who needed some breast milk for its feeding.

Pleaded to be beaten
The strange noise from the dead man’s compound did not leave her indifferent. Immediately she heard the noise, and recalling that some sheets of the roofing sheets had previously been stolen, she woke the husband from his sweet slumber. Courageously the man tiptoed and alerted the neighbors who instantly laid an ambush. Noticing that he had been caught red-handed Shey Weyi pleaded to be beaten and allowed to go but not killed.

Dumped the corpse
He was allowed to climb down but the adrenaline in the mob had already risen to an uncontrollable level. They gave him a snake beating before driving a 6-inches nail through his head from the left ear to the right one. When he finally died they carried his corpse out of Kufluh and dumped in nearby Luh village.

Missing dead body
Unfortunately, and perhaps for fear of the unknown the ‘killers’ decided to hide the corpse. When the relatives were informed by a passer-by of the death they rushed to collect the corpse for burial but did not find it. At press time they are still searching for the missing dead body.

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