Saturday, October 9, 2010

CAMCUL Building Inaugurated In Nkambe

By Ngah Benjamin - The Cameroon Credit Union League recently inaugurated its new building in Nkambe the capital of Donga Mantung Division. The population of this Division in general and the civil servants in particular saw this as a blessing especially at a time when the Division was almost cut off from the rest of the region by poor roads.

Presiding over the occasion the S.D.O for Donga and Mantung, Mr. Nseke Theophile thanked CAMCUL for such a lofty realization. He said the building should serve as catalyst in the development of the area. He called on the population, especially stake holders, to make maximum use of such an initiative by CAMCUL to better their lives.

On his part Nfor Musa Shey president of CAMCUL and BAPCCUL in his usual eloquent and charismatic manner told the people that the building will meant nothing if they don’t make use of the services it provides to better their living conditions. He further told the people that the gift was there already and what could make the givers happy was a judicious use of the structure.
The two-floor ultra modern structure was quickly nick-named ‘Queen of Nkambe’ by others. It is a magnificent structure ornamented with ceramic files just behind the grandstand.

It is worth noting that the structure also houses the office of the Bamenda Police Credit Union’s (BAPCUL) newly opened Branch in Nkambe. This branch which provides all banking services will surely serve and save businessmen and civil servants the hazard and disappointment of moving to and from Bamenda for salary and banking transactions.

The extension to this area will apparently boost economic activities and encourage creation of more cooperative credit Unions in the area. The official launching of the branch also saw to opening of Bamenda Police Cooperative Union branch in the area. Although some myopic economic operators saw it from a negative perspective all because of egocentric tendencies, both traditional, administrative and religious authorities alike gave kudus to their illustrious son of the region Shey Nfor Musa for assiduity and commitment to the development of the division.

The occasion was graced by several dance groups notably the Dajo of Binju, the Mfuh and the palace women choir. The events wrapped up with a gala night in one of the halls of the structure. Present at the launch were the Lord Mayor of Nkambe Council, Mr Mangoh Jones and a cream of Donga Mantung Fons.

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