Monday, October 18, 2010

Fon narrowly escape lynching in Lanad Clash

By Tandap Samuel - The Fon of Ngarum in Ndu Sub Division and his seven followers narrowly escaped lynching in a land clash. The unfortunate incident occurred as a result of land dispute between a Mborroro family, who had lived in Ngarum for over 40 years, and the villagers. The Mborroro family headed by Ahmadou bought this piece of land of close to 1900 hectares from the late Fon of Ngarum for rearing cattle.

Following the recent out break farm land crisis, the new Fon wrote to the Divisional Officer of Ndu Sub Division on the land crises in his village. The Divisional Office reduced the Mbororo’s piece of land by about 70%. The Mborroro family did not complain, since their cattle had over the years reduced.

Fon instructed to demolish compound
A few weeks later, the Fon came back and this time around demanded to have the whole area for himself and his people. He did not care this time to consult the administrative authorities of the area; neither did he even consult the owner. He ordered the natives to demolish the Mborroro man’s compound.To add salt to injury he instructed the natives to butcher six bulls before burning down the house and 14 sheep.

Reinforcement from relatives
Ahmadou solicited and obtained reinforcement from relatives from neighboring village. A serous scuffle break out and Ahmadou sustained several wounds and his son’s left ear was cut off by a machete.The Fon of Ngarum narroely escaped a bullet directed at him. Peace only returned with the intervention of law enforcement officers from Ndu.

At press time there was an uneasy calm.The Mborroro man vowed that he was not move an inch out of the land. Opinions however are divided on the Fon’s action. The Administration is yet to decide the fate of the matter.

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