Saturday, October 9, 2010

Kumbo Development and Orientation Centre (KUDOC) Assists Orphans

By Ngah Bejamin - The Kumbo council hall was on Friday September 2, 2010 jammed to capacity by over two hundred orphans from all corners of Kumbo to receive financial and material aid from the Kumbo Development and Orientation Centre (KUDOC). The co-coordinator, Hon. Dr. Banadzem Lukong was there to do what has become a tradition. This year the assistance was over 2,472,000 francs in some basic school needs to over two hundred yearning orphans ready to go to school.

The occasion was graced by the S.D.O for Bui Division, the Lord Mayor’s deputy, some service heads, religious leaders, traditional leaders and a cross section of the population of Kumbo. It commenced with prayers seeking the love and mercies of God to bless the orphans.

All the speakers at the occasion were unanimous that orphans were not impediments to life but a driving force towards the realization of one’s dreams. They showered praises on KUDOC and its coordinator Hon Banadzem Joseph for the hand of fellowship to orphans. The beneficiaries were exhorted to make good use of the things offered them.

Hon. Dr. Joseph Banadzem, on his part, said he was spurred by the slogans ‘Being an orphan is not a crime’, ‘Make orphans schoolchildren’ and ‘Helping an orphan now is helping our society tomorrow’, to do more and more. He challenged those present not to forget the orphan but to always give the widow’s mite to help them.

He then recounted the history of KUDOC and presented a positive report card of its activities since inception, promising that their aim was to cover the whole of Bui Division in the coming years. He also expressed gratitude to groups which, in one way or the other, made commendable efforts to better the conditions of these orphans.

They included: the Family Life Association of the Diocese of Kumbo; the Baptist Fund for Vulnerable Children; the Chalice Organization, Tobin; the Capuchin Priests of Shisong and Melim and the Navti Foundation. The contribution of Bui family UNIC – USA (BFU – USA) to this success story was also emphasized and commended.

The orphans on their part beamed with joy as they pocketed five thousand francs (5.000) FCFA each for their school fees and at least a text book in a government school, four exercise books, two pens, one ruler, one pencil and a sharpener to start this academic year. ‘Beri ven foyi’ meaning ‘thank you very much’ as they departed to their various homes.

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