Tuesday, October 19, 2010

NW Basic Education boss replaced

By Nyassah Julius - The North West Regional Basic Education boss, Mr Boma Christopher, was recently replaced to enjoy a befitting retirement after a virtually whole career of bossing all institutions to which he belonged. Boma Christopher wrapped up the Regional Sectoral Conference meeting and about an hour later he was replaced by the Mezam Divisional Delegate for Basic Education, Mrs Fon Susan, who herself was in the Sectoral meeting.

Although Boma Christopher’s replacement was long awaited because he was due retirement a year ago, participants at the Sectoral meeting thanked God that news about his replacement did not meet him when he was presiding over the meeting else he would have collapsed. Just like John B Ndeh, who got the greatest shock of his life some years back when he was fired from the post of Transport Minister en route to Bamenda to launch North West Development Organisation so was Boma recently.

Foresaw his retirement
While John B Ndeh’s ill fate was masterminded by his political adversaries who saw his launching of the North West Development Organization as a political threat to their Prime Ministerial post, Boma Christopher was caught by his age. Although retired Boma is not tired. As smart as you can think Boma foresaw his retirement and started preparations by creating a Teacher Training College ‘St Andrew’.

Biya regime: replacing people
Replacing people while they are presiding over meetings is nothing new in the Biya Regime. One time Minister of National Education was replaced during the 1 p.m. news when he was presiding over a meeting. One time North Delegate of Agriculture and Rural Development, Mr Mbipe Pius Sidiki was sacked when he was busy distributing fertilizers to farmers in Santa. His coup plotters are now enjoying his position.

Prepared for the retirement
However, the North West Basic Education Personnel at the meeting told The Vanguard that Boma Christopher was well prepared for the retirement. They said he is proprietor of about three private teachers training colleges all in the North West Region including mansions he has to his credit. “He therefore has anything to worry about during his retirement but for the fact that he will no longer manage millions of FCFA.

Appointment was not a surprise
As for his successor who hails from the PM Philemon Yang’s Village – Oku in Bui Division, her appointment was not a surprise to many who read newspapers. The CHRONICLE newspaper, had earlier on tipped her as Regional Delegate for Basic Education after Boma Christopher. Beside her level – headedness, she is God-fearing and hardworking nature. The CHRONICLE Newspaper saw her as possible replacement of Boma Christopher given that her God-father, Prime Minister Yang Philemon, also hails from Oku and wouldn’t have been indifferent to her appointment.

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