Thursday, October 7, 2010

Security guards fail to stop launch of new political party in Yaounde

By Ndi Eugene Ndi - A new political party known as Republican Forum (FORE) has been launched with the major challenge to outset the CPDM in the 2011 presidential elections. Legalised last April 7, 2010, the party was officially launched in Yaoundé recently during a Press Conference by the executive members.

Speaking at the Press Conference the National Moderator of the party, Roland Roamin Kouotou said the Republican Forum party is a new political platform with a vision of making Cameroon a new powerful and emerging nation with new moral values and new socio professional structures.

“We have given enough time.
50 years proves maturity and one has to tell a story. 
But what story can someone tell about Cameroon 50 years after independence?”
Roland wondered in conclusion.

A country with more than 60 percent of its youths unemployed, Roland Romain Kouotou added that his party has emerged to find solutions to problems these youths face which has turned out to be a collective cry of all Cameroonians.

The Press Conference was also an opportunity for the National Moderator to denounce the tribalism that exists in Cameroon since the ascension to the Supreme Magistracy of President Paul Biya. He vowed that his own party will have to abolish it as Cameroonians are one.

Roland Romain Kouotou also used the Press Conference to condemn the ‘independent electoral body’ ELECAM. He said no free and fair elections could be chaired by ELECAM as its members constituted CPDM militants. Thus one of the challenges of the party would be to fight out ELECAM from managing any future elections.

The National Moderator of FORE called on Cameroonians to cease from being passive observers of a dying Cameroon and accomplices to mediocrity but to rather be actors who will take the challenge. “The desire to change and the destiny of our nation is in our hands, it is then our challenge”, Roland said.

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