Monday, November 8, 2010

Alarming prevalence of HIV Blamed on Military

By Wamey Panky - Dr. Enongene a medical Doctor serving with the NKAMBE District Hospital has blamed alarming spread of HIV AIDS in Donga-Mantung Division on the Military noted for neglect of protected sex spree. He laments that Donga mantung keeps toping the chart in the prevalence of HIV-AIDS due of the presence of the military among other factors. The Doctor made this revelation recently while presenting a paper on the state of HIV-AIDS in Donga –Mantung Division during the 1st anniversary celebration of the Savannah Frontier Radio (SFR) NKAMBE presided over by the first Assistant senior Divisional Officer (SDO) for Donga-Mantung Lawrence Diyen Jam.

In his presentation, Dr. Enongene revealed that Donga-Mantung Division with the population close to a million has been topping the chart of HIV-AIDS prevalence with 8% rate in the region. He blamed this on the presence of the 62nd Motorized Infantry Batalion in Nkambe. He said from their professional formation, the soldiers are made to understand that all of their profession is risk-taking for instance, when going for war is risk-taking; And so, this mentality is carried into their social existence and exercised in the opposite sex.

He further explained that by the nature of their work, they are often deployed in areas far off from their families and very often they are forced to let their emotions quite loose. He counted that the rate of contracting sexually transmissible diseases during peaceful moments was 5 times than their civilian counterparts given that during this period, the soldiers are idle and what occupies them remain sexual activities and rampant drinking that is a risky activity towards the acquisition of HIV-AIDS. And that during war the situation is alarming as most of them indulge in indiscrimination sex and rape.

Dr. Enongene took time to expose the other most vulnerable groups within the population. He disclosed that women were the most vulnerable group by nature of their function, physiology and anatomy. He said comparatively, women had about 8.1% while men 4% transmission possibilities. He explained that women from nature were too emotional than men and had seducing body build.

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