Monday, November 1, 2010

East Governor’s wife wrongly accused for car-theft

By Chifu Edward - Contrary to news paper reports that the wife of East Governor Lele L’afrique recent investigative reports holds that the said woman did not steal. Rather she bought a car that was impounded and auctioned by Cameroon custom on the premise that the car got to Cameroon via illicit means.

According to the diatribe articles published by Mutations stating the East Region Governor’s wife was caught driving a stolen vehicle. The wild and devastating news that hit the waves plunged the public into questing why and how the wife of such an eminent personality and civic official could rub her self into mud by stealing a vehicle. It was not until when a source close to the East Governor Lele L’Afrique explained how it all happened to a source of ours.

According to the source the governor’s wife the car bought during an auction sale at the Douala seaport. All necessary check are said to have been made with ports authorities to ensure the car’s real owner would not stake claim in future, but it was shocking to hear the breaking news that the very car was impounded by uniform men who claimed that the car was rather a stolen car.

He explained Genesis of the hullaballoo:The JEEP, model Liberty, bearing a chassis number GL58K93W577631, manufactured in 2003, and the first owner yet to be identified individual was imported into Cameroon from the West and was abandoned at the Douala seaport for longer than the law allowed. Ports authorities then auctioned it as prescribed. The first lady of the East Region,Madam Carine Lele Ezouda Fobete Wife of the East Governor bought it.

Unfortunately for her the fate twisted as the document of her esteemed Jeep’s were fortified. All three appropriate documents were lopsided. In spite all odds the Auction certificate No. 008470 of 25/11/2007, treasury receipt No. 04410387 of 12/12/2007 and receipt No. 18619 of 25/11/2007 vindicated her from all accusations as the purchase documents were genuine, indicating the jeep was bought from the custom officials at the port.

East Chief of Customs, Inspector Emmanuel Efoufole, also explained the documents of imported vehicle were not apt. In this regard, the vehicle is considered a “contraband” import and thus subject impoundment .This is contained in report No. 039/MINEFI/DGD/SDE of 21 December 2009 and the vehicle confiscated under ordinance No. 12/ORD/PTGI/BI of 17 May 2010.

The question as to who imported the car is yet to be known. Pundit holds that the car might have been stolen from Europe and shipped to Cameroon.

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