Saturday, November 27, 2010

Former CCAST Principal soon in court for embezzlement

By Nyassah Julius - The former principal of Cameroon College of Arts Science and Technology CCAST Bambili Forkusam Langmia Austin now principal of GBHS Mbendakwi will soon appear in court for embezzlement.

In spite call by CONAC to pay back money swindled into the PTA account. Top education officials who concealed evidence of his mismanagement school funds from CONAC and the hierarchy may have to answer some charges in court as accomplices. The Vanguard has been hinted. It is on this premise that CONAC in collaboration with the Secondary Education Ministry and Tuba administration ordered for the reinstallation of the defunct PTA man by Eric Andangfung.

The PTA of CCAST is reportedly installed as per the sub prefectoral order No 68/2010 0f 14october 2010 signed by the divisional officer for Tubah, Etta Mbokaya Ashu, The Vanguard gathered that the decision to suspend the PTA was at variant with the ministerial text creating the PTA.

Forkusam Langmia, the former principal is alleged to have swindled well over CFA 16 millions francs PTA funds for the academic year 2010/2011 and over 40 millions generally from the school funds over the years. He is said to sold furniture of the CCAST principles residents to a staff of ENS annex Bambili.

Other sources hinted the vanguard that the Sub Divisional officer for Tubah was misled by some secondary education officials who took side with the former Principal Forkusam Langmia Austin.

It now clear that all derogatory information filed by Forkusam and his collaborators of the regional delegation of Secondary education against Eric were fabricated to paint him black so as to continue swindling PTA funds. This is contained in the CONAC document ordering Forkusam to pay back stolen money.

According to CONAC finding, Eric had not overstepped his bounds as propagated Forkusam. Although investigation is still going on, CONAC called for re-installation of the PTA with firm instruction that PTA funds should not be tempered with by the principal.

To be continued…

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