Monday, November 1, 2010

Three Police Inspectors arrested for Extortion in Bertoua

By Nyassa Julius - Some three police officers are currently under detention in Bertoua Central Prison for extorting money from two Korean investors. The two Koreans, names withheld for safety reasons, according to our source were in the East region to chart introduction of modern machines to replace traditional method of cocoa farming in some villages cocoa farmers are still using crude means to process cocoa.

While in a Hotel in Bertoua three police inspectors who reportedly forced their way in at night and confronted the two Korean asking for their passports and other travel credentials. The inspectors allegedly demanded FCFA 3million “liberation fee”. The Koreans pleaded the amount be reduced until they finally accepted FCFA 300.000.

An unidentified source in the hotel secretly alerted the police and a squad under the leader-ship of Senior Police Superintendent Daniel Burke Nintai, stormed the Hotel and arrested the inspectors and charged them with attempted extortion. The following day the police inspectors were arraigned and reports on the matter sent to hierarchy in Bertoua and Yaoundé.

Police Superintendent Nintai is said to have attested that he was under duress from some highly placed security officials from Yaounde but refused commenting any further. He rather referred those interested in the matter to the East Regional Delegate for National Security. “I have submitted a report to the delegate”, he reportedly stated, “You have to see him for whatever information require”.

He also declined neither naming the callers nor the names of the three inspectors under detention. The Senior Police Superintendent is alleged to have received calls reproaching him of exposing the police force and helping the harassed Koreans to seek legal redress. It is alleged those who are reproaching him say Superintendent Nintai should have inaudibly sanctioned the policemen. Some callers are said to have requested for his immediate transfer to an obscured post somewhere.

The East Regional Delegate for National Security, Aloysius Alemgia, whom our informant accosted to comment on the issue also refused to remark on the case. “I cannot speak about the case”, he said matter was sensitive. The State Counsel also refused to make any statement on the premise that the matter was in court. In this regard, it was needless to talk about it.

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