Thursday, November 25, 2010

Why putting our potential to work, …for us

In the 80s the strategy for planned and centralized economies failed woefully. Priority was then given to the disengagement of state management on behalf of privately handled entrepreneurship. It was the beginning for numerous privatizations through various structural adjustment programs that lasted until the beginning of the 21st century.

For the over 50 years into our independence, we have dedicated over 30 of them to obey our former colonial rulers and took little or no initiative to cater for our comprehensive self-reliant development. Food and financial help, bilateral aids, ratified conventions for foreign assistance, HIPC-I, MDG’s – and what have you – have become the order of our daily bread. If we consider that centuries ago we underwent slavery humiliation, it is hard to comprehend that today; we still cannot get the intrinsic language of community propelled development. Who is to blame?

During the era of structural adjustments, we most learnt to finance social activities (education, health, food, etc). We were meant to become the new consumers of foreign industries and even foodstuffs of doubtful quality. Our research fabric was sidelined as nothing was allowed to raise eye brawl on quality matters.

Cameroonians were used as guinea pigs for aid vaccines and other foreign laboratories drugs. Hence, we failed or we were denied the right to invest into research and development, industries transportation and energy sector, just to name this few. Again, our political will to democratize failed short of instilling amongst the population the visibility to create, think and agree on fundamental developmental issues, other than quarrels, backslapping, and sliding, unnecessary waste of time and energy, and selfish ego!

In every endeavor, be it technological or not most learned institutions make drastic choices. That of allocating available resources to feed and priotized needs like education, food, shelter, health, transportation, national security, industrialization, renewable energy, and so on.

Banking on these initiatives, we can pledge today without fear that our vision for more like “copy and pace” attitude should give way to more “creative mind”. Looking at the potentials given by Almighty God to northwest its prairies or grass fields, the blooming countryside in an undulating landscape, the various lakes, rich forest and above all the many gratifying human, cultural and material heritages, it can be concluded north westerners have been sleeping too long and to long . The time is probably here for Northwest to change course and add values to existing potentials.

History has it that the advent of the Industrial Revolution in the eighteen century helped the west to alleviate their plight of poverty. Industrialization helped many subsistence farmers to get into the rank of productive industrial workers. Hence, industrial production was inevitable the key to mitigating many worries related to poverty, insecurity and sustained inertia.

Indeed, to become an emerging country by 2035, Cameroon would have to work hard by counting first and foremost on his strength before going along with true partners in development. Keeping this in mind, investors are good when it comes to generating benefits for their institution. Hence, we could better bargain when we initiate and appraise our industrial potentials in line with a rational and mutually beneficial discussion.

The week of excellence of scientific research and innovation in the North West Region dubbed JERSI –NorthWest Region is lighting the candles of its second edition. The central theme this time is “industrialization of the NWR contribution of scientific research and Innovations”. Undeniably, this is a dream topic; but for some skeptics minds, the questions of why and how remain to be answered

It’s time that we stop eating the fish given to us by the former colonial powers and learn how to fish ourselves. As long as we keep on importing products from abroad and exporting our young talents to pursue the Europeans Dream but African Nightmare, others make high profits and we stay poor and economical enslaved. It’s time to get wise and do it ourselves. So who’s to blame? Shame on you if you fool me once, shame on me if you fool me twice…

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