Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Kah Walla SAGA: Fru Ndi Deplores Decision of Douala Electoral district

Fru Ndi Deplores Decision of Douala Electoral district

-Party to radicalized position on ELECAM,
-Contemplate reducing severity of application of article 8.2

By Chifu Edward - Bamenda - The National chair man of the social democratic Front SDF has dissociated himself from the decision of Douala Electoral district against he president of the strategic committee of the SDF Kabbang Walla.

The national chairman John Fru dissociated him self from the decision taken by Douala shortly after the National Executive Council meeting held in his compound on Saturday to Sunday 1November .Fru Ndi argued that the decision was in violation of secular issued by the Secretary General of the party suspension all disciplinary sanctions against any militants till the national convention holds. It was on this premise that Kah Wallah’s decision to declare her resignation on air was hasty. Fru Ndi further disclosed that no resignation letter has been received fro her to that effect.

Quizzed on the mechanical rise of Kah Walla reportedly master minded by him, Fru Ndi said the party gave him the prerogative to choose or appoint any militant to occupy certain positions of the party. The case of Kah Wallah was for gender balance.

On ELECAM, the Second National Vice Chairman of the party Osih Joshua disclosed that the party is going to take a more radical approach to the ELECAM holdup. He averred that ELECAM was masquerade and SDF still maintain its stands. He insisted that until the regime abides by the eleven conditions tabled by the party, they will never be part of any election organized by ELECAM in Cameroon.

On the departure of militants he said SDF is a dynamic party as people come and go but the party still remains strong. He however opined that ‘the party needs to be much more flexible in its treatment of internal day to day issues’. He said the adjustment in the treatment of issues is being effected gradually. This apparently explains why the Secretary General of the party Madam Elizabeth Tamanjong issued a secular suspending all disciplinary sanctions against militants until the National Convention of the meets.
It is this line that Kah Wallah’s decision to resign from the party based on her diatribe with her Douala electoral District is considered hasty. He said no official letter was received from her to that effect.

About Biya’s visit, Fru Ndi admitted that he officially addressed an invitation to Biya through the governor of the region for Biya to visit him. This might be the reason why Biya ordered for the tarring of the road leading to Biya’s residence.

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