Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sub-Saharan Africa censors Mideast protests
Cameroon - int. desk - CPJ/New York - As news of Middle Eastern and North African protests swirl around the globe, satellite television and the Internet prove vital sources of information for Africans as governments fearful of an informed citizenry and a free press such as in Eritrea, Equatorial Guinea, and Zimbabwe impose total news blackouts on the developments.

Nowhere is the news blackout more extreme than in Eritrea, where the government has banned independent media since 2001. Typing "Egypt" in the search field of the government news website Shabait returns about 50 results, the most recent and relevant of which is a December 3, 2010, item titled: "Presidents Isaias and Mubarak conduct discussion in Cairo." Eritrean sources told CPJ, however, that satellite dishes in the capital Asmara's rooftops allowed people to follow the unfolding events.

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