Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bamba's 'Warriors' video release

BAMBA NAZAR "WARRIORS" 2012 from Blackstereo.tv on Vimeo.

Amsterdam - Int. Desk - PRESS RELEASE - “Warriors” is the lead single by Bamba Nazar off of his ‘March on Gamorah’ album due out in 2012. This song pays homage to those that made the ultimate sacrifice to attain liberty, justice and independence.

Bamba Nazar is a singer/songwriter, producer and activist among many other things. After producing Redman’s singles ‘Coc Back’ and ‘Rockin’ wit da best’. Bamba now steps out front as an artist with his message of fearless defiance to the masses. 

The video was shot on Malcolm X’s 46th anniversary, January 21st 2011. The song opens with a potent Adam Clayton Powell speech that rings as true today as it did over 50 years ago.

The part of Clayton Powell was channeled by Angelo Bromet from the Wots movement. The rest of the scenes and historical references were reenacted by a cast of activists and artists in the hopes that it may inspire the listener to reactivate the warrior spirit within.

The Video and song for Warriors was directed and produced by Bamba Nazar for ((BLACKSTEREO)) with camera and editing work by Kitchell Samuel. Footage was shot in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Zanzibar, Africa.


Link: http://www.blackstereo.tv/

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