Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Frank Biya’s inertia on father’s aspiration founded

Bamenda - Frank Biya is the son of President Paul Biya. He is university-groomed in political science. Frank’s purported preference for his current business, timber logging, to offers of joining government indicates sound judgment.

Paul Biya took a somewhat good economy from first President, Ahmadou Ahidjo in 1982 and handicapped it. Cameroon today, despite government whitewashing, is heavily indebted (HIPC), corrupt, insecurity-rife, bane to ballot democracy, composite components fragile (SCNC and allied threats). The place can erupt to total chaos at short notice.

It is because of this state of affairs and management style of the country that Frank Biya must have cautioned his father on hovering doom. Hence talks of Frank’s inertia with respect to the idea of rocking him with this setup are understandable.

The media is awash with President Biya’s clandestine preparation to be succeeded by Frank as obtained with many a dictator. Legend has it that heirs of socially accepted parents are not frowned at, but taking the hereditary position of an autocrat is a curse and source of worries. More, here, Cameroon is a Republic and not a monarchy.

Citizens have rejected ministerial and other top government positions to avoid faintest contact with the incumbent CPDM-led government, which administration [CPDM] is considered the cause of the country’s varied woes. Others, meanwhile, embrace the rot looting the commonwealth.

They insult the ordinary folks like mad. Cameroonians of this calibre include Polycarp Abah, Ondongdong, and Fonjindam Z. Their excesses at times exceed Biya-tolerable level thus getting them into trouble.

Further, many more including, Biya himself, are discarded especially at the ballot by particularly the downtrodden and social critics.

We hear Frank Biya has snubbed at offers to enter government. This is laudable considering the derogatory expectations of self-aggrandisement of political and administrative officers in Cameroon.

Should Frank maintain this assumed social posture of hatred for injustice, then he would have propelled himself onto the famous pedestal of good people’s choice and desires.

President Biya, who will be utterly embarrassed by his son’s anti-establishment stance, possibly will solicit help from even his cronies to arm-twist Frank Biya to submit.

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Hervé toupa said...

Specialising in the spreading of rumours is not the best thing in life. The picture you painted about Cameroon is personal and not everybody agrees with you. No economy was handicapped in Cameroon. For all the years President Paul Biya has been in power he has worked daily for the growth of our economy. If you think Cameroon is still a heavily indebted poor country then your brain must be suffering from some degenerative syndrome. We cannot disagree Cameroon is not corrupt but do not behave as if it is peculiar to Cameroon.

Epagna said...

Cameroon is not a heavily indebted poor country, we attained the initaitive of highly indebted poor countries years ago. In what era are you living? It pleases you to open your mouth and say thrash. You better stay quiet.

Ateba Hugues said...

Cameroon reached the initiative of HIPC years back and our debt was cleared, you have wrong information, update yourself.
The poor image you give of Cameroon is the one you wish to see because you do not want to see our country prosper but you will never be served that kind of cake. President Paul Biya has ruled our country over the past years to the satisfaction of all Cameroonians and is determined to continue so during his new term

Son of the soil said...

I can understand your comment in support of the regime .Maybe some words the author used are exaggerations but the fact remain the same. This Man called Paul Biya has been President for more than 29years plus 7 additional years .What a monarchy .It will be no news if his Son succeed him. I am very happy and proud Ambassador of my country to foreigners but the fact speak for themselves . Mr Biya(mortal being ) you can stay in power as long as you wish and your son can succeed you we don't care but What we care is health services for all, good education, transparency in public services , roads and equal opportunities to all sons and daughters of Cameroon .We wish you good-luck in your new term of office and pray for God's protection

Carmen Sosso said...

It is surely in your dream that Cameroon is a highly indebted poor country. We have past that are and are now in the era of emergence, you need to wake. Giving a bad image of Cameroon which does not exist will earn you nothing.
There is well organized and strong democracy in Cameroon. Concerning corruption, we cannot say there is no corruption in Cameroon, it is present but the government is working daily to fight against corruption bit the poor mentality of Cameroonians is a major drawback in this fight.

Kamdem Pascal said...

Cameroon attained the initiative of highly indebted poor countries years back, update your data and stop saying nonsense.
Cameroon’s economy has grown and stood the test of time under President Paul Biya. He works daily to provide Cameroonians with better living conditions.
We cannot say no corruption prevails in Cameroon, it does exist but the government is fights against corruption daily. Huge operations were launched to fight against corruption in our country and a national anti-corruption commission was even created for this purpose and it is doing a very great job. Recently a special criminal court was created and will also handle cases of corruption.
As far as security is concerned, there has been a major improvement at Cameroonian can now feel free in their streets. Several special units in the police and elite units in the military forces (rapid intervention battalion) were created to cut down insecurity and the results are all palpable.
Since its introduction in the 90’s by President Paul Biya, democracy has grown to attain maturity in our country to the satisfaction of all Cameroonians. There is freedom of speech and equality of chances for all.

Aurelien Tekou said...

President Paul Biya has worked hard to build a strong and stable Cameroon for all the years he has been in power. No domain has been left out: economy, security, democracy, education just to name a few. I’m surprised to read here that Cameroon is a highly indebted poor country. Cameroon attained the initiative of highly indebted poor countries years back. You should be living in some remote époque. The rest of the information you gave in your report is therefore bullshit.

Ebwellé Hortense said...

We no more play in that category of highly indebted poor countries. We are now aspiring for emergence.Corruption is a reality in our country but much is done by the government to fight strongly against this disease. A National Anti-Corruption Commission was even created for this purpose and is doing a great job.There has been a remarkable improvement over the years on the security in and at the borders of our country with the creation of several special units to ensure the security of Cameroonians.Our economy is not handicapped and is instead growing by leaps and bounds and we are on the way to emergence by 2035.

Hervé toupa said...

The good economy taken by President Paul Biya from first President Ahmadou Ahidjo has gotten better over the years under his rule to the satisfaction of most Cameroonians. The result of this healthy economy and conducive environment for investment is the massive influx of foreaign investors as well as the involvement of more local investors in businesses with the support of the government

Ebwellé Hortense said...

Such irrational and false comments are part and parcel of President Paul Biya’s daily life. If Cameroonians have nothing to complain about and are satisfied with their current healthy economy, that is what counts. They are not interested in comments from people with no sense of purpose and no objectives in their lives.
How do you even want your report to be taken with seriousness when you say Cameroon is a heavily indebted poor country? You are very far from the reality of our country. I think you are just a clown seeking for notice.

Essama Vivien said...

All the domains you cited: economy, security, democracy have all undergone major mutations over the years giving rise to a strong and stable society. The government has made the fight against corruption a major objective and results are palpable.Your report is completely the opposite of what prevails in Cameroon. Your intentions are thus clear; trying to discredit President Paul Biya. It is a waste of time, Cameroonians know the reality.

Ebwellé Hortense said...

Several Cameroonians will be surprised to read such a comment. Such a comment full of nonsense and thrash cannot hide its major objective which is to discredit President Paul Biya.Frank Biya has never been proposed by his father to involve in politics in any way. President Paul Biya has never prepared his son to take over power. Just like he does with Cameroonians, Frank Biya has always been free to make his choices and imposed nothing. He preferred to involve in business and his father saw nothing wrong in that. If you lack stories to tell, look for better ones and not these kind of stupid stories on President Paul Biya

Kuaté said...

At some point in time Cameroon faced some social and economic difficulties but with the daily efforts of President Paul Biya and his government, these sectors have undergone a major reconstruction surgery that have resulted in a brighter economy, and Cameroon is now on the way to emerge come 2035. President Paul Biya contrarily to some Presidents did not force his child Frank Biya to embark on politics. He fully knows Cameroon is not a monarchy and everyone is free just like he came into power and has always been reelected by Cameroonians, to take over power.

Aurelien Tekou said...

You spend your time dwelling in the past, move on and think big. Cameroon is now heading for emergence and has broken up with the past you are describing. We cannot say Cameroon has been perfect under President Paul Biya, but he took time to build a strong economy and this is soon to result in emergence.

Ebwellé Hortense said...

This analysis of Cameroon’s prevailing condition is very far from the reality and geared towards tarnishing the image of our country and discrediting President Paul Biya. President Paul Biya did not handicap any economy and has instead won the challenge of building a better economy than what he met when he took over power. We were highly indebted in the past and it is not the case today, we reached the initiative of highly indebted poor countries years back.

Ekotto Paul said...

President Paul Biya did not handicap Cameroon’s economy. Instead he progressively nursed it and is now leading us to prosperity and emergence. Update yourself and you will find out Cameroon is no more a highly indebted poor country. Cameroonians move freely in their streets at any time be it during the day of night without any fear and elite units have been created for security across the national territory and at the borders with other countries both on land and water. Democracy is effective and fully respected.

Flights to Douala said...

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Anonymous said...

I was reading at the presidential website and was shocked to see Paul Biya's socio - economic achievements. so insignificant. Less than what a single governor has done in Nigeria in less than 8 years
I wonder why some of you are praising the dictator.
Its true we are no longer one of the Highly poor indebted countries. It doesnt benefit cameroonians at all.
If you look at infrastructural developments in other African countries, you will understand that Cameroon has not even laid down a foundation.
I pity who ever will succeed him, Because we will start nation building like a newly independent nation.
Just look around Africa and you will be Marveled at growth rates and infrastructural developments

Bobda Sillas said...

I think you must have gone out of your mind. I’ll just take a single aspect; there are lots of people from Equatorial Guinea and Gabon to rush to Cameroon daily for medical care, even the basic immunization which is free in Cameroon is not available in some of these countries. I wonder what kind of mad person will leave his country to come for medical care in Cameroon if its standards are nit high. I think you should mark your words and keep your frustration for yourself. I took just a single example and don’t want to dwell on others. Development is not all about infrastructure, it goes beyond that.

Mapanga said...

Paul Biya, is on this moment the best for Cameroon can get.
I am comming now for 15 years from 2000 till now 2015 in Cameroon, and this year i am starting my business. I look with a different eye to Cameroon.
And i notice that he is doing his best for Cameroon and his popilation.
There is a lot of changing in the last 12 years and a growing econnemy, what do you want more. I love Cameroon and her social life and i want to come permanent to it.
And i hope Paul give us a good follow up precident if he is going retired, because Cameroon must be stable and calm.

Nkwenti...bamenda boy said...

The whole truth i know is that, Cameroon was supposed to be better than this, Cameroon has all it takes to be more advance as it is, the whole trouble also is that it is a mix country that includes the Muslims, French Christians and the English Christians and they all do not agree on one terms, they all are rushing to power which the French Christian will never allow that happen because they are lazy and only think of luxury and power, The Anglophones are struggling to power so they can finalize their hidden agenda of separation, the Muslims are struggling to reach power so that they can revenge on the French man and use the resources of Cameroon to build the Northern region, actually the truth behind the scene is that, what we need in Cameroon is dis-centralization , just that will at least help a lot, but if that happens, where will the French(Yaounde&Douala) sleep and eat with all the laziness they have implanted in themselves and to their children, Time shall tell when judgement will fall on the wicked once be it the English, French or Muslims.... greetings.