Thursday, December 15, 2011

Opposing Independence

Bamenda - Opinion and debat desk - Bamileke Oppose to the Restoration of the Independence of the Southern Cameroons. By Prof. Carlson Anyangwe. 

La République du Cameroun, the Bamileke are the chief opponents of our liberation in the hopeless belief that we can continue to be held captive in their country. This is something of a puzzle. We sheltered people from virtually all the ethnic groups in République du Cameroun fleeing bloody French repression and exactions: Bamileke, Ewondo, Bulu, Duala, Bassa, Bafia, and some ‘nordistes’.

People from these various tribes in République du Cameroun did not flee to neighbouring French-speaking countries for reasons they know only too well. They chose to come to us and out of our generosity we welcomed them and settled them among us in a spirit of African brotherhood and solidarity.

This is the pay we get from them, especially the Bamileke who constituted the largest group of refugees. Could they have forgotten so easily?

Even today, our African French-speaking friends opt for the world of the very Anglo-Saxons they and their French Masters lampoon so often: Australia, Britain, Canada, Ireland, Nigeria, South Africa, and the United States of America. France (or any French-speaking African country for that matter) is not a preferred destination. 
Those who succeed in making the treacherous Mediterranean crossing to France use that country merely as a transit point to other destinations of preference. It is further puzzling why these people should vote with their feet by going to English-speaking countries and yet instinctively reject the very value systems, the very mindset, the very culture and the very governance model that make those countries so attractive and so inviting.

The basic ‘argument’ of the opponents of our freedom is that they too suffer from the same evil we decry; an evil, they say, visited upon everyone by what they themselves admit is a satanic regime; replace that regime with a ‘good’ one, they maintain, and we shall all be happy ever after. That is a fat lie.

The difference between our cause and their case is so patent that even an intellectually weak person can see it. We are a separate and distinct people and country fighting against brutal colonial occupation by a neighbouring country, their country.

The only remedy for our forlorn land and condition of captivity is decolonisation, freedom. The coloniser must pack and go! The Bamileke, Bassa, Ewondo, Bulu etc. etc. etc. are ethnic groups within République du Cameroun.

The remedy for their malady in their country lies in good governance, rule of law, and free and fair elections. How they face up to that challenge is their cup of tea not ours, and attempts to enlist our involvement in it in the name of a sorry and content-less brotherhood must be puerile.

In a sense their task has been made a lot more easy thanks to the various cases we have instituted against their country’s regime as a result of which that regime has time and again been found guilty of gross human rights abuses, including torture and other inhuman treatment, arbitrary arrest and detention, and extra-judicial killings.

The judiciary in that country has also been found to be a dependent judiciary completely under the boot of the country’s ruler. For us, a new regime that comes to power in that country, even if it is an angelic regime, will not make us discontinue the fight for our manumission so long as that country continues to hold us in terror and captivity.

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