Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Terror on Tribesmen in Ngoketunjia

Cameroon - Elhadj Danpullo Intensifies Terror on Tribesmen in Ngoketunjia. Billionaire land owner intensifies terror against tribesmen despite interventions by the United Nations Human Rights Council and several international Human Rights Organizations.
Mr. Baba Danpollo Ahmadou billionaire land owner and commercial rancher in North-West Cameroon, member of the Central Committee of the ruling CPDM is alleged to have seized horses from tradesmen in accordance with a recent ‘LAW’ in which ‘His Excellency’ ‘banned’ horse trade in the Region under the pretext that horses are being exterminated through the trade!

According to eye-witnesses at least 38 horses were confiscated by gendarmes and militias acting on Mr. Danpullo’s orders on Sunday 13, November 2011, at Bamukumbit village in Ngokitunjia. The horses were then taken by the gendarmes and militias to Mr. Danpullo’s ELBA Ranch several kilometers away where they are being held illegally.

In a report sent to an Anti-Corruption Hotline in Cameroon’s capital Yaoundé and copied the Ministry of Justice and Dignity Campaign, a source has hinted the Vanguard that “Some representatives of the owners of the horses who went to Ndawara next  morning to recover horses met with stiff resistance and threats of imprisonment from Baba Ahmadou Danpullo.

Other unconfirmed sources contradicted that the said individuals have effectively been detained by gendarmes in Ndop town several kilometers from their homes. The detainees join other horse traders, namely Seini Yamsa and two others unlawfully arrested in Babanki by the Gendarme Commander of Ndawara since 7th October and arbitrarily detained at Ndop Gendarmerie Cell without charge – their crime being that they are horse traders – a business ‘banned’ by Mr. Danpullo.

Danpullo’s agents all over the region are allegedly taking the law into their hands by confiscating horses from their owners. One Yaya Juli a.k.a. Jamaica of Tahkui and Ardo Bobbo Sule of Vekovi are said to have attempted to seize horses from traders in the village of Vekovi, North of Bamenda, recently but the State Counsel of the area intervened to stop an ensuing violent conflict, pointing out that there is no law banning horse trade in any part of the country.

In a letter supposedly addressed to the Governor of the North-West Region, which leaked, the horse owners said, “on Sunday 13/11/2011 that our horses were intercepted by gendarmerie services of Ndawara, Ndop and Balikumbat at Bamukumbit village in Balikumbat Sub Division of Ngoketunjia Division, led by their brigade commanders.

Our 38 horses were taken to Ndawara and impounded there. We sent some of our agents to Ndawara this morning and Alhaji Baba Danpullo told them that he will arrest all of us and send us to prison for defying his law abolishing horse trade.

All our herdsmen have been bundled down to the Gendarmerie service Ndop and we do not know what will follow after their interrogation at Ndop Brigade.” In reference to Mr. Danpullo’s ultra the law, the letter further states, “He addressed the said letter to about 40 Ardos in the region.

He later called a meeting of some of the Ardos paying allegiance to him at his Ndawara residence and in Sabga where he told them that he has banned the sales of horses in the entire region. He promised to arrest any person who tries to defy his Marshall Law.” Sources at the Office of the Governor confirmed that a complaint has been received and is ‘being acted upon’ but would not give further details.

This initiative is yet another of Danpullo’s bizarre obsession of control over the Mbororo community and their pastoralist economy and his blatant lack of understanding, bad advice or refusal to follow laid-down administrative procedures and the law. It is unacceptable that an individual who travels on Cameroonian diplomatic passport takes upon themselves to make draconian and stupid rules and then order state security forces to enforce them!

Mr. Danpullo and ‘his’ Gendarmes need to understand that HE is not the State and cannot make bizarre rules and enforce them against the law and the wishes of the Mbororo community!

The Justice and Dignity Campaign condemns this latest strategy of further impoverishing and subjugating the Mbororo pastoralists of North-West Cameroon and call on the authorities to stop Mr. Danpullo and his agents forthwith.

All those involved should be investigated and prosecuted for carrying out unlawful instructions and confiscation of private property. All properties should be returned to their rightful owners who should be compensated for lost earnings and damages suffered.

These abuses give an unfortunate impression of Cameroonas a lawless country where wealthy individuals can preside over life and death of ordinary people! No other Cameroonian economic operator has been the subject of intervention by UN in Cameroon, except Danpullo!

The UN Human Rights Council has intervened more than once to get the Cameroon government to stop these violations to no avail. The matter has also reached the African Commission, the US Senate and many international organizations, all of whom have called on the authorities to stop the human rights abuses against the Mbororo pastoralists by Baba Ahmadou Danpullo.

We again urge the government to fully implement its own Jani Commission finding on Baba Ahmadou Danpullo’s exactions and get all government agents in the Region to stop acting on orders of Mr. Danpullo, as he has no authority to instruct them! The Justice and Dignity Campaign NGO reacting to the unruliness of Danpollo.

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