Monday, January 16, 2012

Mayor Shoots D.O. with Bunches of Keys during the Evaluation Meeting

Cameroon - Bamenda - The immediate cause of the abortive fight allegedly emanated when the Secretary of State complained that CFA 500.000 contributed by the Mayor for the campaign was small. The Mayor in reaction questioned the source of the money spent on the campaign. 
According to eye witness accounts the Minister gave figures on how the campaign money was spent. The Mayor questioned the source and the exact amount. It was then that the Minister disclosed that about CFA 12.000.000 millions was allocated for Misaje section. In this regard, the Minister sidelined the Mayor in the management of the CFA 12.000.000. 
This Minister in an attempt to humiliate the Mayor met with furious reaction from the Mayor, who faced the DO of Misaje for fanning the rancour between him and the Minister. He reported shot the DO with a bunch of keys and made advances to fight but was held back.
It should be recalled that the Minister had over the years indicted the population of his village Chungwe and increased that of Kamane, the Mayor’s village, to attract more development projects.
Apart from false accusations and empty pride the Sec. of State’s adversaries have hinted that he is discriminatory in the distribution of political fallouts of the population’s adherence to the CPDM.
Of recent the population of Misaje, the Mayor inclusive, has complained bitterly about the staffing of the Misaje communication centre. Four of the main staff of the structure hail from the Minister’s village. It is apparently on this note and others that the Fon of Ayaba, Cyprain Njong, attacked the Minister last year, shortly after the November 6 celebration in Misaje. 
The Fon complained that the Minister caused him to sign forms and documents from the Ministry of Culture intended to rehabilitate his palace but later on erased his name and inserted that of his village, Chunghe, to enable his Fon reap the harvest when his own village Nfume gave the CPDM 100% at 2007 legislative and municipal elections.
The discriminatory attitude of the Minister was cause to light during the Head Of State visits to Bamenda. According to the source, the Secretary of State used his position as the organizing Secretary to reportedly sideline most Fons of Ndu and Nkambe central in the allocation of seats in the grand stand. Most big Fons of these two sub divisions did not have seats while small chiefs, and even sub chiefs, had places in the grand stand. 
The differences between the Mayor and Secretary of State are reportedly affecting the CPDM party. The Vanguard gathered that CPDM would not have won the presidential election if much money was not used to buy votes. Poorly executed contracts by the Secretary of State’s Company.

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