Monday, January 23, 2012

“The People of Mezam are being cheated,” Hon. Fobi

Cameroon - By Chifu Edward - Hon Fobi Simon, vice chair of the Finance committee of the National Assembly, has decried the alarming incongruity in the allocation of parliamentary seats in Cameroon. If a parliamentarian is entitled to about one thousand people, Bamenda with over six hundred thousand people warrants at least six parliamentarians. Unfortunately, he is alone in Bamenda made up four sub divisions.

The MP decried the injustice during a New Year feast he organized at his Ghana street residence in Bamenda to congratulate the chairpersons of the Social Democratic Front for a job well done and in recognition of their efforts which they have put in during the last 21years. Ward chairpersons are the work horses of the party.
The MP attributed the growth of the party to the relentless efforts of the ward chair persons. It is on this premise that “The future of the party still depends on the strength of the work horses –ward chair persons. The stronger the work horses the more the achievements for tomorrow. We must encourage them, congratulate them and focus them towards tomorrow,” he insisted.
He expressed optimism that 2012 will be a very good year for the party. “We must begin it with a lot of optimism,” said he, but warned that militants should be ready for action given the continuous scheme by the ruling party to twist election records via its rigging machinery ELECAM
“They will not get away with it this time,” he warned. “Either ELECAM will shape up or it will shape out. We will not accept the mess they did last year. They are beginning with ELECAM with the same language they used last year before the presidential, which is not acceptable. Our forces must be focused this 2012 on our adversary who doesn’t seem to do justice to Cameroonian people.” While wishing militants of the party a more prosperous and fulfilling year, he lamented that his means are limited given the large number of people placed at his mercy by the state.
It was on this note that he lamented Mezam is being cheated in the allocation of parliamentary seats. He said the constituency needs a maximum of six parliamentarians. He argued that there is an injustice. He opined that the legislative map should be redistributed this year. It must be corrected. The population of Mezam estimated at over six hundred thousand is too much for a single parliamentarian. Otherwise, the people of Mezam are being cheated. “It is a shame, and we cannot continue like that. We must ask for the number of parliamentary seats that are commensurate with number of people,” Fobi advocated.
On the industrial zone, he said 2 billion has been allocated for its creation. He said they are pushing for it to see the light of day. He said it is time for them to sing their song of the party ward chair person because “If SDF is what it is today, it is thanks to the ward chairpersons”. They are those consolidating the grassroot base of the party. It is for this reason that the MP disclosed that micro-project grants of this year will be given to the Ward chairpersons to empower them. The funds will be used on logistics and equipping of their offices to give a new face to the party structures. Feasting and dining characterized activities of the day.
The acting provincial chairman of the party Hon Njong Everistus hailed  Hon Fobi for the initiative which would go a long way to galvanizing party structures. He represented the National Chairnan, John Fru Ndi, who was unavoidably absent.
In attendance was the Government Delegate to Bamenda City Council and the Divisional Officer of Bamenda III sub Division. He also lauded efforts being made by the MP to unite the people and preaching peace and love.

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