Monday, January 16, 2012

Sec. of State Gentry at Daggers Drawn with Misaje Mayor

Cameroon - Nkambe - The battle lines have been drawn as he is poised to replace Mayor Nkenda Simon with Sammy Gwatta, current municipal treasurer of Nkambe council.

The misunderstanding between the Mayor of Misaje, Kenda Simon, and the Secretary of Mines and Techological Development, Fuh Calistus Gentry, is on the verge of explosion.
Glimpses of a fierce battle between the two, who both belong to the ruling  CPDM, were seen during an evaluation meeting held shortly after celebrations marking the 29th anniversary of Biya’s accession to power.
Although the immediate cause of the exchange of bitter words and abortive attempts to exchange blows both between the Mayor, the DO, and Minister emanated from the contribution and management of campaigns funds, the rancour between  Minister and Mayor started years back when the section president Alaji Magaji Misaje died.
This Minister reportedly wanted one retired Head Master to become section president but the Mayor objected on grounds that he was an intellectual dwarf.
The Mayor Kencha insisted on Sammy Nkwata to become the section president. Just like Zacheus Forjindam wanted one intellectual Lilliputian to replace John B. Ndeh in the 2007 reorganisation of Santa CPDM Section (Mezam I) for obvious political manipulation in the long run, so was the case of Misaje. Kenda succeeded in securing the position of the section president for Sammy Nkwanta, much against the will of the secretary of state.
Shortly after his investiture the Minister invited Sammy to Yaoundé, where he is alleged to have promised him the juicy post of Mayor. Since then, both individuals have been suspicious of each other and their conviviality in political meetings considered cosmetic.

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